Don't Expect An Oblivion Or Morrowind Remaster As Skyrim Special Edition Was A One Off

Ever since Skyrim Special Edition, the question of more in the Elder Scrolls series has not been far away. What about Oblivion? What about Morrowind? Well, bad news. It looks like those things aren't happening. Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine UK (via GamesRadar), Bethesda's Todd Howard said the Skyrim remaster was more of a one off due […]

Oblivion Is Backwards Compatable On Xbox One Now

While Skyrim is almost undoubtedly the most popular Elder Scrolls mainline game, it is far from the most unamiously loved. From newer entries, Morrowind and Oblivion both have their defenders too. While there is no news on Morrowind sadly, it's been revealed that Oblivion is getting the backwards compatable treatment on Xbox One. It's been added […]

From World's End To Oblivion – Godzilla Gets A Name Change

The new Godzilla comic book series to be published in March will appear in next week's Diamond Previews as Godzilla: World's End. However by the time it is actually published, it will be called Godzilla: Oblivion. Any idea why? Could it be too close to this book? Anyway, when you see "World's End", think "Oblivion"…  

Skyblivion Is A Gorgeous Mod Bringing Oblivion Into Skyrim

Modders never cease to amaze me. The work that they can do is incredible and I'm always interested to see what they can create and the sheer vastness of some of these projects is incredible. This particular mod is one of those projects. Skyblivion is working to bring the world of The Elder Scrolls IV: […]

Win! A Whole Pack Of Oblivion Goodies

The prize packs are made up of an Oblivion hoodie, a Lifetime clock, a USB phone dock and a set of earphones, with one winner also receiving a Bluetooth Laser Keyboard.

Oblivion, Based On The Non-Existing Graphic Novel

So there's this film, Oblivion. Based on a graphic novel published by Radical Publishing. Except there was no graphic novel. In fact it's not clear that there was anything these illustrations and text, part of the Oblivion Preview given away at San Diego Comic Con a couple of years ago. Wallin started drawing the graphic […]

Oblivion Review – Wednesday Trending Topics

Is Oblivion what you want to see this weekend? Michael Moran gives you his opinion: I've heard quite a bit of negative buzz about Oblivion. Having now seen it myself I can't, for the life of me, work out why. I really liked this one. Most-Read Comic Stories Wednesday: The Real WTF Moment In Today's Batman And […]

Oblivion – The Bleeding Cool Review

Tom Cruise stars in a movie that's set after the end of the world. Is it worth visiting the radioactive ruins of your local cinema to see it? Michael Moran reports.

Saturday Trending Topics: Tom Cruise And Morgan Freeman Head Towards Oblivion

Upcoming sci fi from Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman? Oblivion looks pretty good. And be sure to check out Brendon's shot-by-shot breakdown of what we're seeing in the trailer. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: "Hey! Quasi-Pretty-NOT-Hot-Girl, You Are More Pathetic Than The REAL Nerds" – Tony Harris (UPDATE) On Twitter, Tony Harris asked people to retweet […]

Jurassic Park 3D Set For Release On The Original's 20th Anniversary

When Spielberg recently said that he'd consider converting Jurassic Park to 3D, what he really meant was that plans were already in place, wheels were already turning and deals were already being made. The film is to get a release next summer, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, with a US bow set for […]