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Big Shot Comics #14 (Columbia, 1941)
Sullivan tapped his industry contacts for Columbia, and foundational Golden Age greats like Gardner Fox, Creig Flessel, Fred Gardineer, Ogden Whitney, and others produced work for Big Shot Comics.  An underappreciated title featuring work by a number of important creators, there's a Big Shot Comics #1, #2, #11 and #14 available in this week's 2021[...]
Forbidden Worlds #73 Title Page art by Ogden Witney, ACG 1958.
An unlikely hero with unassuming beginnings, Herbie Popnecker has achieved cult classic status over the course of his 60+ year existence.  The character was created for publisher ACG (American Comics Group) by writer-editor Richard Hughes and artist Ogden Whitney and first appeared in issue #73 of ACG fantasy/"strange adventure" title Forbidden Worlds There's a Forbidden[...]