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A New Comic Book Series Of One Shots From Fight Club's Chuck Palahniuk – And Joelle Jones?
We already reported on Chuck Palahniuk, talking about Fight Club 3 to ex-Bleeding Cooler Chris Thompson's Orbital In Conversation Podcast below. But he also talked about another original comic book series that he's is working on, worthy of its own post. I've already got a really strong idea for a series of single issues that would come out probably sporadically next[...]
Flashpoint Saturday: At One Point This Was The One Shot List
I understand that, at one point in planning the Flashpoint event, this was the list of planned one shots from DC Comics I'm also told that a lot has changed since then Still, there may be a few that make it through… and we'll find out in a few days time. The Renegades The Canterbury Cricket Amethyst Reverse Flash Element[...]