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Everything Announced During Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live
During the first night of Gamescom 2022, Opening Night Live brought a slew of announcements to the forefront, which we have listed for you There are just so many new and updated game announcements this year, over 40 revealed in a two-hour livestream (which you can watch down at the bottom) We have the full[...]
Gamescom Opening Night Live To Happen On August 27th
Gamescom is pushing forward with their plans for online content this year as Opening Night Live has now been confirmed for August 27th Ever since COVID-19 shut down plans for what the german games convention would be doing this year, the organization has been rolling forward with plans to do everything they can online That[...]
Hideo Kojima Confirmed For Gamescom 2019 Appearance
The word came out from the event this week, promoting his appearance for Opening Night Live on August 19th at 11am PDT/2PM EST No word yet about the content of the show or the format, so who knows how much he'll actually say But the fact that he'll be on stage to hopefully talk publically[...]