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Knights Of X and X-Force Teasers For X-Men's Destiny Of X
Including defining Knights Of X with Bob Quinn as the Otherworld X-Men comic. "the spiritual and literal successor to EXCALIBUR It's all Otherworld, all the time It's got girls, gays, Bei, and more than a few Saturday Morning Cartoon vibes It's that classic X-Men story of a world that hates and fears mutants…in a fantastic whole[...]
Second Krakoan Age Of X-Men Announced - Destiny Of X Titles
But more so, just as Excalibur has ventured into Otherworld, the supernatural fairy world that both Merlyn and Captain Britain originate – and that Sir James Jaspers and the Furies have made home So that will be the sole focus of Knights Of X, being the Otherworld book and exploring its many realms How many[...]
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Whether you are in the United States of America or in the magical Otherworld, mutants seem to be an increasing problem, and the establishment of Krakoa only seems to have exacerbated that of late Indeed, it has put a target on people's heads So, as Orphan-Maker goes after The Right to rescue his robot brother…. Hellions[...]
Will We Get A Captain Britain Spin-Off From X Of Swords? (Spoilers)
And at Bleeding Cool, we've especially been keeping our eye on the way, set up in Excalibur, that the crossover has revived Otherworld, Saturnyne, Captain Britain, Sir James Jaspers and The Fury, straight from the Captain Britain runs by Dave Thorpe, Alan Davis, Alan Moore, Jamie Delano, Chris Claremont and others. Will We Get A Captain[...]
Six Matches Decided In This Week's X Of Swords Comics
Not big ones, but enough to give the flavour… last week's Marauders #14 ended rather suddenly with Wolverine doing something very bad to Her Royal Whyness, the Omniversal Majestrix, Opal Luna Saturnyne, in an attempt to prevent the tournament between the X-Men champions of Krakoa and the Apocalypse children champions of Arakko, taking place in[...]
Mutant Warning: Don't Die On Otherworld (X-Factor #4 Spoilers)
It's all good. Art from X Of Swords: Creation. And with this knowledge, the upcoming Otherworld challenges against all the fiefdoms including Krakoa and Arakko seemed even more like a computer game As the stakes just weren't high But reviving Otherworld, they seemed to hit a snag Not only was there a Krakoa blackout… but what came[...]
X Of Swords Creation #1 Review: Slow Like Honey, Heavy With Mood
As part of that severing, the ancient mutant Apocalypse sacrificed "my wife, my children, and scores of god-like mutants whose names you have never heard" to stop a threat from beyond the veil of Otherworld of Excalibur fame, where a war rages That threat looms, still hungry to snuff out the light that is Earth. Sounds cool,[...]
Where in the world is Marvel's Otherworld? Aside from "other"? I was introduced to it in the old days of Captain Britain comic book – but there were older ones The dimensional subconscious of the British Isles, and a place where magic still resides, it became the final home to the Court of Camelot ruled[...]