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Not So Shocking: South Korea Wins Third Overwatch World Cup
For the third year in a row, South Korea has won the Overwatch World Cup After an intense two days worth of matches among some of the best teams in the world comprised of players who work well together, the cup's final match came down to China and South Korea, with the latter rolling in[...]
Blizzard Has Started Selling Tickets for the Overwatch World Cup
If you're interested in watching the Overwatch World Cup take place this year, there are a few options for you across the globe Blizzard has released details to the public about ticket sales for the group stages, which will be spread out to four locations. The U.S will host in Los Angeles at, where else, the[...]
Overwatch World Cup
Blizzard has announced all of the teams set to play in the Overwatch World Cup, bringing in 24 countries spread across four host countries. The Overwatch World Cup is going to be a fascinating thing this year With the context of the Overwatch League behind it, it will feel like a much bigger and more understandable[...]
Blizzard Brings Back the Overwatch World Cup for 2018
After having what would be considered a successful inaugural year in 2018, Blizzard announced today that they would bring back the Overwatch World Cup for 2018 today A lot of the details as to where and when the events will be held weren't revealed, simply that they would be happening in France, South Korea, Thailand, and the[...]
No Surprise Here: South Korea Dominates 'Overwatch' World Cup Again
The Overwatch World Cup provided some interesting moments throughout the brackets, from France trouncing China, to team Canada edging out all of their victories all the way to the finals But in the end, the most predictable outcome we could have told you came true, as South Korea's team dominated the tournament to win the cup[...]
The List Of All 32 Countries Competing In The 'Overwatch' World Cup Revealed
The Skill Rankings have been totaled and the Overwatch team has revealed the 32 countries (listed below) who will be participating in the Overwatch World Cup this summer The top 10 aren't really much of a shock, but when you get into the lower third you start to see some surprises, like Vietnam, Turkey, and Romania[...]