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Richard Pace Responds To Frank Miller
If this response to Frank Miller's comments on Occupy Wall Street four days ago (was that all it was?) is a little slower, then that's because Richard
Ann Nocenti On Occupy Wall Street
The General Assemblies at OWS are inspirational Everyone has a voice; it is an equalitarian movement In a sense, I feel like I am at a history museum looking at a display, a model, for something new And out of this come ideas… a recent one being a suggestion to take savings out of the[...]
Neal Adams Puts Frank Miller's Occupy Comments In Context
Neal Adams, is a man who knows what it's like to believe something that's… against the prevailing wisdom From the origins of the Earth, to whether or not Batman: Odyssey is a good comic This weekend he read Frank Miller's comments about Occupy Wall Street and wanted to put them in context He writes for[...]
Space Hijackers Vs Paternoster Square
One of my friends is a member of the comedy anarchist group the Space Hijackers who have, in the past, driven a tank through the G20 protests. Their
Comics Industry Issues Retort To Frank Miller. Including Batman.
That's quite the blog post. Jamie McKelvie – I'm pretty sure Frank Miller will soon become too crazy to be able to type, and then we won't have to read his bullshit anymore. John Layman – I bet Frank Miller wouldn't talk shit about World of Warcraft if he knew how uber my blood elf warlock Jamesbucket[...]