Things To Do: Trifecta, Wordburglar, Caption And John Miers

Si Spurrier reminds us that there's a 2000AD-esque signing at Forbidden Planet and London today, 6-7pm. Rob Williams, Al Ewing and Si Spurrier, celebrating the release of the big unholy Dredd-world crossover thing, Trifecta. Wordburglar lets us know that on Saturday, the 3rd Annual Nerd Noise Night will be taking place at Fan Expo Toronto, […]

Caption Comics Convention Returns To Oxford For 19th Year

After that last article, I need a feel good British comic con story. Caption. It's the longest running comic book convention in the UK. But you won't find any movies there, TV show cast, or even a medium-sized comic book publisher. Because Caption, returning to Oxford this weekend for its 19th year, is a small […]

Do You Have Any Photos Of Oxford Train Station In The Nineteen Fifties?

The current artist of the long running Belgian/French comics series Black And Mortimer, André Juillard, has a problem. He needs pictures of Oxford train station from the nineteen fifties for research and reference. And he has none. But it's possible some of you do. Hell, it's possible Brendon does. He needs shots of the train […]