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Oxford's Interactive Comics Experience With Beano, 2000AD & Phoenix
Oxford is the home to two of England's biggest comic book publishers, DFC, publishers of Phoenix Weekly, and Rebellion, publishers of 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine And they are being joined by Scotland's biggest comic book publisher DC Thompson, of The Beano, for a new exhibition in Oxford's Story Museum, running from the end of[...]
Things To Do: Trifecta, Wordburglar, Caption And John Miers
Tickets here. Caption, the long standing British small press comics convention at the East Oxford Community Centre in Oxford is on this weekend with guests Rian Hughes, Andrzej Klimowski, Danusia Schebal, Al Davison, Paul Collicutt , Karen Rubins, Ian Rakoff and Charles Cutting, from 11am till 11pm on Saturday and 11pm to 5pm on Sunday. A little[...]
Caption Comics Convention Returns To Oxford For 19th Year
Because Caption, returning to Oxford this weekend for its 19th year, is a small press comic book convention Not that it doesn't get big names of course Indeed it has the highest ratio of attending comic book creators to fans I've ever seen Indeed creators generally outnumber the readers. This year they include Paul Grist, Al[...]
Do You Have Any Photos Of Oxford Train Station In The Nineteen Fifties?
The current artist of the long running Belgian/French comics series Black And Mortimer, André Juillard, has a problem. He needs pictures of Oxford train station from the nineteen fifties for research and reference. And he has none. But it's possible some of you do Hell, it's possible Brendon does. He needs shots of the train platform and the building[...]