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Paolo Pantalena is the artist on DC's Deathstroke and Red Hood series, but 10 years ago he and I were starting up the 1,001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad series for Zenescope This was early on with the publisher when they had just got Return to Wonderland off the ground and wanted to expand The[...]
Paolo Pantalena Does His First DC Comics Cover
I'm a big fan of artist Paolo Pantalena Not only do I really like his work, I've worked with him he was the artist on my first Zenescope series 1,001 Arabian Nights; The Adventures of Sinbad In truth, I'm surprised he's not a whole lot more popular than he is. On November 2nd, Paolo posted on[...]
Next Week… I'll Be At London Super Comic Con. Will You?
Browne, Ryan Jenkyns Sabine Rich, Sean O'Conner, Sebastian von Buchwald Simon Birks, Solo Endeavour, Sonesh Joshi Comics, Steven D Quirke, Laura Braga, Paolo Pantalena, Tanya Roberts, The Art of Tommy Castle, The Heart of Time, The Rogues Gallery Creation of a Super Villain,The Wildlands and WJC. And the exhibitors will include Bleeding Cool's owners Avatar Press (with publisher William Christensen manning the booth), CGC, Comic Geek Speak, Markosia, Comicana Direct, 2000AD,[...]
Aspen Comics Talks New Titles At Long Beach Comic Expo
Krul and artists Paolo Pantalena lead the creative team that continues to follow the character, Ara, in this fantasy adventure story And, Fathom and Soulfire titles will each have their own 48-page annual issues released this summer. Mastromauro then introduced the audience to two new titles: Damsels in Excess and The Zoo Hunters Aspen Comics' already[...]
JT Krul Goes On A New Jirni With Paolo Pantalena
JT Krul and Paolo Pantalena's fantasy epic gets a relaunch for Aspen Comics in May, with Jirni Vol 2 #1 But don't worry Jirni fans, there is still lots of swords, sorcery and saucy clothing for the book's lead. Ara is a warrior-princess with the blood of the mystical D'jinn flowing through her Powerful, brave, and[...]