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Comic Book Writer Ivan Brandon Suffers Heart Attack, Asks For Help
From the top of my heart as the bottom isn't working right now." By Ivan Brandon, as seen on Flickr, CC BY-SA 3.0 Ivan Brandon has so far had donations from those including Jason Latour, Brian Vaughan, Eric Canete, Hector Tadeo, Kieron Gillen, Tom Muller, Abhay Khosla, Daniel Johnson, Paolo Rivera,  Tim Leong, Mitch Gerads, Jamal Igle,[...]
Avengers 2
Paolo Rivera took to Twitter early this morning to reveal to the world two epic MCU posters he recently got to work on The posters depict the heroes and villains that took the fight to each other in the epics Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame Sadly, these were done for the cast and crew[...]
Mondo Beneath the Planet of the Apes Poster 1
Mondo will release two new Beneath the Planet of the Apes posters featuring artwork by artist Paolo Rivera These were originally covers for the BOOM! Comics mini-series Planet of the Apes: Ursus, but have been repurposed as posters for the film Two versions will be available: a regular edition with a yellow background limited to[...]
Double Dose Of Hulk Vs Wolverine Includes New Maquette And Paolo Rivera Print
They announced the release of a very limited edition (200) print by artist Paolo Rivera (Daredevil) and then they teased a new maquette that seems to be based on that art First, here is the teaser for the maquette. And now here is the print… which you can order here. Sideshow has made a reveal and a[...]
Preview Of The Relaunched Archie #2
Here we have a preview for Archie #2 by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples with covers by Staples, Howard Chaykin with Jesus Aburto, Erica Henderson, Paul Renaud, Paolo Rivera, and Chrissie Zullo. The new school year continues to bring with it daunting new challenges and interesting changes for the teens of Riverdale High But there's one thing[...]
Artist Paolo Rivera Paints Captain America For Film Crew
Paolo Rivera posted this video of him drawing / painting a poster exclusively for the cast & crew of Captain America: The Winter Soldier It was done as a gift from the producers He does a really nice likeness of Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie and the rest of the cast. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Valiant Previews – The End Of The Valiant Plus Quantum And Woody Must Die!
Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt and Paolo Rivera wrap up the big miniseries event The Valiant while James Asmus and Steve Lieber bring us the next installment of Quantum And Woody Must Die! THE VALIANT #4 (of 4) [VALIANT NEXT] Written by Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt  Art by Paolo Rivera  Covers by Paolo Rivera, Jeff Lemire &[...]
The End Is Near – The Valiant #4 Wraps Up Hit Miniseries
With three sellout issues so far, the final issue of The Valiant is likely to fly off the shelves this month as the hit miniseries from Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt and Paolo Rivera concludes As the first part of the Valiant Next initiative, The Valiant focused on the Eternal Warrior, Bloodshot and the new Geomancer[...]
Modern Masters #30 Spotlights Paolo Rivera
With the 30th volume of the series they turn their spotlight on comic illustrator Paolo Rivera. Eisner and Harvey Award-winner Paolo Rivera grew up in his parents' art store, so it's no wonder his life's path is that of an artist And not just your run-of-the-mill comic book artist, but a painter, penciler, inker, colorist, and[...]
Valiant Previews – Ivar, Timewalker #1 And The Valiant #2
Valiant has two new Valiant Next titles coming out this Wednesday… the brand new Ivar, Timewalker #1 by Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry and The Valiant #2 by Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt and Paolo Rivera… and we have previews for both. IVAR, TIMEWALKER #1 [VALIANT NEXT] Written by Fred Van Lente Art by Clayton Henry Covers by[...]
First Look At The Valiant #3 By Lemire, Kindt And Rivera
Valiant has sent us an advanced preview of The Valiant #3 by Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt and Paolo Rivera. The Eternal Warrior, Ninjak, and Geomancer come together to face down their worst nightmare in the Immortal Enemy, but even with the indestructible fury of Bloodshot to aid them…it won't be enough! As the world teeters on the brink[...]
The Valiant Released Day And Date As Motion Book
Valiant Entertainment and Madefire have partnered for the day-and-date release of The Valiant #1 Motion Book  – the first issue of Valiant's new four-issue miniseries writers Jeff Lemire (Animal Man) & Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) and artist Paolo Rivera (Daredevil) The motion comic made its debut the same day as the printed issue hit comic stores this[...]
A Comic Show – Harley Holidays For Our Bitch Planet!
Spider-Man is Deadpool's sidekick in Axis #7, a guidance counselor in Spider-Man and the X-men #1, and the Spider-verse team-up #2 has Miles, the Ultimate cartoon show Peter, and the '67 Spider-mad-man along with everyone's favorite Spider-Gwen! Oh, and then Amazing Spider-Man #11 has the Superior vs Amazing fight we've been waiting for! The Valiant #1[...]
Eternal Warrior's Chance For Redemption – The Valiant Preview
The series is written by Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt and drawn by Paolo Rivera. The Eternal Warrior has protected the Earth for more than 10,000 years A master of countless weapons and long forgotten martial arts, he is guided by the Geomancers – those who speak for the Earth During his long watch, the Eternal Warrior[...]
It's A Paolo Rivera Process Art Extravaganza For The Valiant!
And Valiant has pretty much proven both counts by bringing together an all-star team in their own right of Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera. The main heroes in The Valiant will be Bloodshot, The Eternal Warrior, and Geomancer, and the foes they face will be myriad, but the Immortal Enemy will be key to[...]
Video Trailer And Preview Pages For The Valiant #1 By Lemire, Kindt And Rivera
The new series is written by Jeff Lemire (Green Arrow) and Matt Kindt (Rai) and drawn by artist Paolo Rivera (Daredevil). The Valiant is a self-contained comic event featuring Bloodshot, Eternal Warrior, Geomancer and a cast of heroes and villains from the Valiant Universe. The Eternal Warrior has protected the Earth for more than 10,000 years[...]
First Look At The Valiant By Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt And Paolo Rivera
We've been hearing about Valiant's new upcoming series from the writing team of Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt for a little while now, but we are finally getting a better idea of what The Valiant will look like as this preview of Paolo Rivera's art came out today In the piece you will see Bloodshot, Geomancer,[...]
Valiant Heads To Baltimore With Exclusive Cover For The Delinquents And A Preview For The Valiant
This issue gets a new cover by Michael Walsh. And they will be giving away The Valiant:First Look preview edition, featuring an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look inside the all-new, prestige format mini-series event from superstar creators Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera Packed with never-before-seen artwork, preview pages, and interviews, and featuring nearly every Valiant hero.  Also at the show there[...]
Cammy's Covers – From Avengers Arena to The Unwritten
Whatever it is, it's definitely beautiful, and gets the job done.     Daredevil #21 by Paolo Rivera The battle with Coyote continues! I'm just loving the fact that Rivera keeps incorporating the blood veins in one form or another with these covers For this cover in particular, interweaving the veins throughout the coyote skull is both creepy and[...]
Tuesday Runaround – Kick Assed
They know us, it's a community." ExclusiveWatch: Paolo Rivera gives us his Marvel exclusive deal in favour of a creator owned future. So why am I leaving? The short answer: ownership. With the exception of just a few published pieces of art (which belong to other companies), Marvel owns the copyrights to my entire professional portfolio[...]
Mark Waid And Daredevil's Fingers
Remember the Bleeding Cool story last month, pointing out a certain panel in Daredevil #9 that seemed to suggest certain sexual activities between