It's A Paolo Rivera Process Art Extravaganza For The Valiant!

VALIANT_001_COVER_RIVERA-310x470The Valiant is coming. A prestige-format 4 issue limited series specifically designed, as we learned at New York Comic Con, to be an open door for new Valiant readers and an action-packed team-up book for fans of the Valiant universe. And Valiant has pretty much proven both counts by bringing together an all-star team in their own right of Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera.

The main heroes in The Valiant will be Bloodshot, The Eternal Warrior, and Geomancer, and the foes they face will be myriad, but the Immortal Enemy will be key to the plot of The Valiant and The Eternal Warrior isn't taking him on alone this time.

Bleeding Cool asked Valiant if we might be able to share some process artwork by Paolo Rivera with readers, but we never expected a full 20 pieces of art from rough sketches to finished pages. The result is simply astonishing, and remarkably in keeping with Rivera's reputed desire to celebrate comics art by letting fans and aspiring artists in on his own artistic choices.

Behold, an enormous swath of Paolo Rivera's development work for The Valiant. We have Vikings. Well, I'll be clever for a moment and say we have Danes, in fact, since these pages closely mirror Beowulf.  We also have monsters, devastation, emotion, and an epic set-up. It's a great indication of what's coming in this limited series event:


01_VALIANT_001_layout 02_VALIANT_001_pencils 03_VALIANT_001_inks 04_VALIANT_001_tones 05_VALIANT_001_letters 06_VALIANT_002_layout 07_VALIANT_002_pencils 08_VALIANT_002_inks 09_VALIANT_002_tones 10_VALIANT_002_letters 11_VALIANT_003_layout 12_VALIANT_003_pencils 13_VALIANT_003_inks 14_VALIANT_003_tones 15_VALIANT_003_letters 16_VALIANT_004_layout 17_VALIANT_004_pencils 18_VALIANT_004_inks 19_VALIANT_004_tones 20_VALIANT_004_lettersThe Valiant #1 arrives in shops on December 10th 2014. You can take a first look here.

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