A Comic Show – Harley Holidays For Our Bitch Planet!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom! I'm back with another stack of new comics now! We've got Holiday Harley Quinn, a bunch of Spider books, and Image domination!

The Harley Quinn Holiday Special is quality work. If you are a Harley fan and have checked out Conner and Palmiotti's monthly, this is you chance. It's got three stories with great art and holiday hijinks, one where she even use her powers of psychiatry to preform a Christmas miracle. And the last story is drawn by the legendary Darwyn Cooke!

Marvel has a one two GotG punch of a Captain Marvel centered Frank Cho annual, and Cosmo teaming with Rocket Raccoon for a single issue story. Also, the Infinity Gauntlet "bank" is out from Diamond Select Toys, and is easily modified for cosplay! Thor #3 starts Thor vs Thor. Spider-Man is Deadpool's sidekick in Axis #7, a guidance counselor in Spider-Man and the X-men #1, and the Spider-verse team-up #2 has Miles, the Ultimate cartoon show Peter, and the '67 Spider-mad-man along with everyone's favorite Spider-Gwen! Oh, and then Amazing Spider-Man #11 has the Superior vs Amazing fight we've been waiting for!

The Valiant #1 is the best book Valiant has put out, its by Lemire and Kindt with Paolo Rivera on art, and basically just the camera following the coolest shit in the Valiant Universe for 25 pages. And yes, you can read this without ever having read a Valiant book previously.

Image had so many awesome books out the week, but Kelly Sue DeConnick's Bitch Planet steals the day. It's like Orange is the New Black in space, but without Piper's white privilege. East of West's "The World" one shot gave me hours of insight. Shutter #7 is the first issue after the $9.99 trade that you should try. The Walking Dead is out, no spoilers from me. Southern Bastards actually made me feel bad for Boss. And Sex Criminals #9 has the secret origin of Jazmine St. Cocaine AND it's a The Wicked + The Divine tie-in! For reals.

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