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Nike Gives a Release Date to Their Blue PlayStation PG 2.5's
Here's a description of the shoes from Nike themselves, and hopefully, we'll have a pair ourselves to review for you. review//Nike To Paul George, PS4 isn't just a video game console, it's a vortex to another battleground of endless opponents Wired differently than most, his competitive nature allows him to take control of a game's biggest moments,[...]
Review: Nike's PG 2.5 PlayStation Classic Colorway
Earlier this year, Sony and Nike came together to create a special line of Paul George sneakers featuring PlayStation branding, and they looked awesome! At the time we thought they may be a one-off production since there were a couple of different sneakers going around that were only being made once Fortunately, the company made[...]
Nike Announces PG 2.5 x PlayStation Shoes With Classic PS1 Look
Nike has revealed another show from the Paul George basketball line as we're getting a set of PG 2.5 sneakers looking like the original PlayStation The info on these shoes was released tonight, just before Thanksgiving, to give gamers and players a good look at the new pair before they hit shelves on December 1st[...]
Paul George Has a Pair of Fortnite Sneakers with Nike for Some Reason
The new sneakers were introduced at E3 during the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament by Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder, which were quickly dubbed the "Fortnite shoes" by fans and the name has since stuck to the shoe. While the sneakers have absolutely nothing to do with the game and there's nothing about them that would[...]
Nike Is Introducing a Pair of PlayStation Shoes in February
Nike and Sony have a brand-new shoe deal that will hit shelves next month as the PG-2 PlayStation Colorway will be introduced to the public. The PlayStation blog broke the news over the weekend that these were designed by Oklahoma City Thunder player Paul George, who will also be promoting the shoes as part of the campaign[...]