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'IT: Chapter 2': Pennywise is Back, Watch the First Trailer Now!

'IT: Chapter 2': Pennywise Returns in the First Trailer and Poster Now!

The trailer for IT: Chapter 2 has now dropped online, and we could not be more excited to welcome Pennywise back to our screens. Go ahead and watch it below: The return of Pennywise was assured not only when the title card to the first film revealed that it was only Chapter 1, but when […]

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NECA Releasing Yet Another Ultimate Pennywise Figure in 2019

Pennywise is getting yet another Ultimate figure from NECA, this time a Dancing Clown version. This version has three new heads, including the evil painting head, a deadlights head with an LED light, and one with hands emanating from inside his mouth. He will also come with insect arms and a couple more pairs of […]

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Pennywise The Dancing Clown Gets Two New Collectibles From Mezco and Tweeterhead

Pennywise collectors have two new items to be excited about adding to their horror collections. Both are based on the 2017 film. First, Tweeterhead will have two versions of a Pennywise maquette available. You can pose him with or without his trademark balloon, and the two versions both stand around 13 inches tall. He is […]

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Funko Best of For 2017: Pops, Pint Size, and Even Dorbz!

What people may not realize is how bat#$!# insane it was hunting down all the different versions of Pennywise the Dancing Clown The Chase was retired, then it wasn't, then it was again Then it was only at Walgreens then it was coming randomly from Amazon The Hot Topic one came and went as quickly[...]

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'It' Review: Pennywise Returns From His Slumber, And Boy Are We Glad He Did

We will suffer along with our heroes because Pennywise The Dancing Clown demands it And that is because Skarsgård unhinges himself and throws everything he has into this.To compare Skarsgård's Pennywise to Curry's is not only unfair, but impractical They are playing way different versions of the same entity It is not about who is better or[...]