Funko Best of For 2017: Pops, Pint Size, and Even Dorbz!

Funko had one crazy year. Almost every single day this year, new products were announced, new licensees acquired, and Pops invaded every corner of store shelves. They put on events at numerous comic cons and events. They opened a new headquarters complete with a tricked out store. They even went public. You can own a little piece of the company now.

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With all that said, this year saw some of the best products we have ever seen from them. So, I thought we would take a look back at some of them and do a Best of Funko list for the year. A couple things- First, these are my favorites. If you don't agree: awesome! Tell me why in the comments. Second: no, I do not get my hands on every single Funko release. I am not a millionaire. So things on this list are products I myself have experience with. So, keeping those things in mind- why don't we jump in?

Best Product Line- Pint Size Heroes

Funko Best of For 2017: Pops, Pint Size, and Even Dorbz!

These were THE hit for me from Funko this year. So many different characters, so many different lines. All of them with great detail and paint aps. I have not pulled a single figure from the blind bags that had imperfections personally. Blind bags and boxes are all the rage right now, and while they have Mystery Minis as well, Pint Size feels like what they should have been doing the whole time. Combining Minis with Dorbz, these are the best of both worlds. If you aren't collecting these, you need to start.

Best Dorbz- Tron

Funko Best of For 2017: Pops, Pint Size, and Even Dorbz!

Featuring perfect renditions of the iconic characters from the original Tron, these Dorbz figures could not have been more perfect. While Sark has eluded me so far, I do have both versions of Tron and they have become centerpieces of my collection. Just awesome.

Best Dorbz Ride- Wonder Woman

Funko Best of For 2017: Pops, Pint Size, and Even Dorbz!

I mean come on. Look at that. It does not get cuter than that. Not to mention the sculpting job there is top notch.

Best Funko Plush- Stranger Things Demogorgon

Funko Best of For 2017: Pops, Pint Size, and Even Dorbz!

There was a lot of competition in this one! Porgs from Star Wars, Rick and Morty, the Disney Princesses. But in the end this adorable take on the big bad from Stranger Things is just too great to ignore. If they had gone the closed mouth route only, then it would be a different story. But the open mouth adds so much color and makes it stand out. Next year I am already calling it- Dart will win.

Best Funko Subscription Box- Marvel Collectors Corps

Funko Marvel Collectors Corps First Appearance Box

These boxes had an up and down year. To be fair here, I do not get the Disney Treasures box, or else that probably would have won. But I do get the other three, and out of those, the most consistently pleasing box has been the Marvel Collectors Corps box. From the Superhero Showdown box that introduced us to Pint Size Heroes to the Hulk box that gave us one of the best Pops ever done to close out the year, every box was a true surprise. A suggestion to Funko though: less black t-shirts. Please.

Best Mystery Minis- Star Wars

There is no competition here. Ok maybe the Disney Cartoon ones. But the Star Wars with their perfect sculpts, amazing character selection, and interlocking bases take the cake. My only complaint is that the ratios for some of the figures are outrageous (1/75 for Kylo Ren? Come on.) These are the gold standard for Mystery Minis and they will likely never be topped.

Best Funko Event- Fundays 2017

Funko Best of For 2017: Pops, Pint Size, and Even Dorbz!

Held at SDCC every year, there is no better fan event in existence that I can think of. From constant giveaways to announcing new products, for 5 hours you are given a fan experience that even your wildest dreams cannot fathom. I walked out of there stunned and praying that I get to go back. This is a company that, contrary to what some would argue, truly takes care of its fans. If you are lucky enough to go to this one year, get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Best Funko Pop Line- Stranger Things

There are of course lots of choices for this one. I cannot think of another line of regular release Pops that caused so many people to freak out and drive all over to get every single figure than Stranger Things. These releasing became an event. Stores constantly ran out, exclusives went through the roof, and that was before the Season 2 wave hit. Fans wanted Stranger Things merch, and Funko delivered big time.

Best Funko Pop- Pennywise from IT (all versions)

Funko Best of For 2017: Pops, Pint Size, and Even Dorbz!

IT was a cultural event when it released into theaters in September. What people may not realize is how bat#$!# insane it was hunting down all the different versions of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The Chase was retired, then it wasn't, then it was again. Then it was only at Walgreens. then it was coming randomly from Amazon. The Hot Topic one came and went as quickly as Georgie's boat went down the sewer drain. Walmart's exclusive release was such a disaster that they were released through the Funko shop, and still was hard to get. And they all had different eye color variants! Even the regular release dried up fast. Every sculpt is creepy and perfect, every version is iconic, and for all of those reasons this is the Pop of the year.

Funko had a pretty fantastic 2017 figure-wise. Here's hoping that 2018 is just as special.


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