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Supergirl: Angela Zhou Reflects on Supersuit Struggles as Pestilence
Few actors can say that within 10 or so years, they get to be in an opportunity of a lifetime in a superhero genre as Angela Zhou did, playing Grace Parker and her alter ego Pestilence (aka Blight), one of three genetically engineered Kryptonian Worldkillers along with Reign (Odette Annable) and Purity (Krys Marshall) on[...]
Pestilence: A Story of Satan #2 cover by Tim Bradstreet
He threatens Roderick's family, and he must save them before the eaters tear them apart. Pestilence: A Story of Satan #2 cover by Tim Bradstreet Pestilence: A Story of Satan collapses in on itself with this issue I had issues with the opening installment of this volume, but none of them were so bad as to cause[...]
Lena then catches James (Mehcad Brooks) up on everything she's done, figuring she'd lose him too but wanting to be the one who told him. Meanwhile, Reign, Purity (Kris Marshall), and Pestilence (Angela Zhou) — under the guidance of the Dark Kryptonian (Anjali Jay) — begin the ritual to bring the darkness, covering over the sun[...]
This third season of Supergirl has been building up to a showdown between our hero and the Worldkillers — Reign, Purity, and Pestilence It's been a slow buildup where we got to meet Samantha Arias (Odette Annable) in the first episode of the season and watch her become part of the series before transforming into[...]
14 New Photos from Supergirl Season 3, Episode 17, 'Trinity'
There has been no announcement of who is playing Pestilence or a photo as of yet, and it's believed we'll get to see her for the first time next week This may be the best secret the network has kept so far. Here is the synopsis for 'Trinity': Trinity SUPERGIRL TAKES ON ALL THREE WORLDKILLERS — Still reeling[...]
New Series Clankillers and Relay Launch in AfterShock's July 2018 Solicits
Will any of the beasts on Shrae's Ark be able to resist? From writer Cullen Bunn (X-Men Blue, Deadpool, Venom) and artist Juan Doe (ANIMOSITY: THE RISE, AMERICAN MONSTER, WORLD READER) comes a sinister tale of biblical proportions that HAD to be told at AfterShock Comics! "Bunn, Doe, and Hill are a dream team, each contributing mightily[...]
Explore the Lost City with Zack Kaplan and Alvaro Sarraseca: AfterShock June 2018 Solicits
Plus, Animosity, Pestilence, Her Infernal Descent, Cold War, Brothers Dracul, A Walk Through Hell,and Dark Ark continue their runs Details below. BABYTEETH Vol 2 Trade Paperback / $14.99 / 128 pages / color / on sale 06.13.18 writer: Donny Cates artist: Garry Brown color: Mark Englert letters: Taylor Esposito cover: Garry Brown w/ Mark Englert Collecting the complete second storyarc from the hit AfterShock series,[...]
Angela Zhou
Grace Park? Will she be someone called upon to help the DEO deal with the Worldkillers and trying to save the Samantha Arias (Odette Annable) and Julia Freeman (Krys Marshall) sides of Reign and Purity… or will she turn out to be the third Worldkiller, Pestilence? I'm going to guess that it's the latter[...]
New Garth Ennis Series, Pestilence Vol. 2, and a Jim Starlin Art Collection: AfterShock May 2018 Solicits
Garth Ennis' new series, A Walk Through Hell takes off, Pestilence: A Story of Satan is unleashed, and a collection of Jim Starlin's artwork is put up for sale, all from AfterShock's May 2018 solicits Moe details below. BABYTEETH #11 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 05.23.18 writer: Donny Cates artist: Garry Brown color: Mark Englert letterer: Taylor Esposito cover: Garry Brown The story of the[...]
Pestilence #6 cover by Tim Bradstreet
Unfortunately, they've already lost James to the Plague, and it seems like it won't be long before the rest of Fiat Lux are lost. Pestilence #6 cover by Tim Bradstreet Okay, it is another zombie story, but this time it's Medieval Plus, you can still write a good zombie story so long as it has something unique[...]
That was the problem I originally had with Pestilence Written by Frank Tieri, the premise is an interesting take on the zombie genre It poses the question: What if the Black Death was really just the world's first zombie infestation? Set in the 14th century, it follows a group of men known as "Fiat Lux", sent[...]
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From Pestilence #4. "We're basically trying to recreate the spirit of Adam Ant Ridicule, you see, is nothing to be scared of." From Wasteland #55.   Something tells m that she might have preferred Jemima From Sixth Gun #41 You know even when kneeling, Dave Prowse would tower over most men Nothing has really changed here, in Star[...]