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So What Is A Chaos Shard Anyway? And How Will It Bring Back Damian Wayne?
And could a side product of its use be the resurrection of Damian Wayne? Writer Pete Tomasi says to the LA Times,  Weeeeelllll, you're making a biiiiggg assumption that it's Damian that comes back from the dead, and in a general note I'd say that anyone coming back from the dead, be it comics or in real life, would[...]
Secret Origins Rumours And More Confirmed By DC Comics
Bane one shot will be by Pete Tomasi, Scott Eaton and Jamie Mendoza. This bodes will for the rest of the "Tako" leaks, including Justice United #0, JLA not going JLC quite yet, Batman And Wonder Woman and all those animals, as well as our own Dan-Jurgens-On-Aquaman And The Others rumour… SECRET ORIGINS #1 Written by TONY BEDARD,[...]