So What Is A Chaos Shard Anyway? And How Will It Bring Back Damian Wayne?

Last year, Bleeding Cool first reported that the character of Damian Wayne was returning to the living this summer. And that does certainly seem to be the case. The LA Times reported,

"Robin Rises: Omega," a one-shot by Tomasi and superstar artist Andy Kubert that follows the current "Hunt for Robin" story line in "Batman and …," arrives July 16, with the struggle between Batman and Ra's al Ghul becoming something bigger with the involvement of forces from Darkseid's world, Apokolips.


A week later, Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason's monthly DC series gets its old name back with "Batman and Robin" No. 33, which picks up right after the one-shot and finds Batman in conflict with the Justice League as he decides to pursue the Chaos Shard back to Apokolips.


What is a Chaos Shard, you ask? Well, readers of Batman/Superman may have noticed this scene from issue 4…


Which meant that Earth 2 would be vulnerable to Darkseid. But that even without the shard, the demonic creature Kaiyo is staying on the New52 Earth in readiness for Darkseid.


And showing interest in a certain young boy, Zack.


But how does this relate to the return of Damian Wayne, rather than the return of Darkseid? Well, remember that the chaos shard had this effect on Superman…

shard2Giving him the power to literally resurrect his parents from the grave. So, yes, Darkseid is coming, has has been teased from Justice League #1 day one. They may need a chaos shard to repel him. And could a side product of its use be the resurrection of Damian Wayne? Writer Pete Tomasi says to the LA Times,

 Weeeeelllll, you're making a biiiiggg assumption that it's Damian that comes back from the dead, and in a general note I'd say that anyone coming back from the dead, be it comics or in real life, would most likely result in some changes that no one expected.

We are. But we have been talking about his some time, Pete!

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