Peter Panzerfaust

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Twenty-One Thoughts About Twenty-One Comics – Uncanny X-Men, Superior Spider-Man, Darkness, Cyberforce, Aphrodite IX, Kiss Me Satan, Buzzkill, Harbinger, Bounce, BPRD, X-Men Legacy, Conan, X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Morbius, Savage Wolverine, Savage Dragon, Zero, Peter Panzerfaust, Morning Glories And Dream Thief

Peter Panzerfaust can cope with many things but please don;t let it join the cannibal ranks...What they need in Morning Glories is a Dream Thief Say, can you delve into my dreams and find what my favourite band was when I was nine?Oh dear Don't worry, I discovered The Jam shortly afterwards.Comics courtesy of Orbital[...]

Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen Comics &#8211 Buffy East Of West Killjoys Peter Panzerfaust Spawn Demon Knights Superior Spider-Man Team Up Batgirl Wolverine &#038 The X-Men Worlds Finest Constantine Fantastic Four And Justice League Of America

Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen Comics – Buffy, East Of West, Killjoys, Peter Panzerfaust, Spawn, Demon Knights, Superior Spider-Man Team Up, Batgirl, Wolverine & The X-Men, World's Finest, Constantine, Fantastic Four And Justice League Of America

And then, within the despair, a dayglo glimmer of hope.Peter Panzerfaust gets to the heart of the concept behind the book in this exchange A man cursed to survive through the worst of wars, and carrying what he seen with him...This scene of Spawn is from a comic that ties in with Robert Kirkman's co-creation,[...]

Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics &#8211 Darkness Ghosted Storm Dogs Eerie Great Pacific X Fabulous Killjoys Breath Of Bones Avengers Arena Wolverine Nightwing Superior Spider-Man East Of West Peter Panzerfaust And Americas Got Powers

Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – Darkness, Ghosted, Storm Dogs, Eerie, Great Pacific, X, Fabulous Killjoys, Breath Of Bones, Avengers Arena, Wolverine, Nightwing, Superior Spider-Man, East Of West, Peter Panzerfaust And America's Got Powers

Yes, East Of West, I'm talking to you.Peter Panzerfaust clearly thinks this song is about him.Which it is Arse.Yes, it's David Tennant Stunt casting in comics doesn't always work, but when Bryan Hitch draws them it really works And America's Got Powers gets closer to its long awaited conclusion...Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in[...]

Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics &#8211 Star Wars Nowhere Men Manhattan Projects Peter Panzerfaust Crossed Badlands Avengers Arena Secret Avengers Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fearless Defenders Superboy Ozymandias Uncanny X-Men Katana And Batgirl

Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – Star Wars, Nowhere Men, Manhattan Projects, Peter Panzerfaust, Crossed Badlands, Avengers Arena, Secret Avengers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Fearless Defenders, Superboy, Ozymandias, Uncanny X-Men, Katana And Batgirl

  It must be a real arse to argue with Luke Skywalker when he pulls lines like this one from Star Wars #3 on you. Arguing about the contents of the fridge probably go the same way. "Who ate the last sausage? Luke???" "I was hungry, you know, after taking on the Death Star for […]

ComiXology Over The World &#8211 Israel Loves My Little Pony And Peter Panzerfaust

ComiXology Over The World – Israel Loves My Little Pony And Peter Panzerfaust

Perhaps there is a lesson there that should be shared all across that region? Of course, they could just not want to grow up, with the Peter Pan-themed Peter Panzerfaust making up much of the rest of their top 10.And seriously, can someone explain, what is it with Germany and He Man?Great BritainAll-New X-Men #7[...]

BC Mag #1: Hollywood Highs And Hot Comics

BC Mag #1: Hollywood Highs And Hot Comics

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston. It's a standard trope that movies don't affect the sales of comics, but I don't know if that's so true anymore. We may not get the level of Batmania of the late eighties, but the likes of Watchmen, Walking Dead and Scott Pilgrim did very well indeed as […]

Peter Panzerfaust To Be A New BBC TV Show

Peter Panzerfaust To Be A New BBC TV Show

Kurtis Wiebe at the Image Comics Panel just made an interesting surprise announcement.QT Digital and BBC Worldwide are to produce a fully voiced motion comic of his Image Comics series, Peter Panzerfaust, which retells the story of Peter Pan during the Second World War With the plan to then turn it into a BBC live[...]

Eleven Thoughts About Eleven Of Todays Comics &#8211 JiM Demon Knights Crossed Badlands Batwoman Peter Panzerfaust Queen Crab Batgirl Saga Saucer Country Fantastic Four and Avengers

Eleven Thoughts About Eleven Of Today's Comics – JiM, Demon Knights, Crossed Badlands, Batwoman, Peter Panzerfaust, Queen Crab, Batgirl, Saga, Saucer Country, Fantastic Four and Avengers

Good job, people.Peter Panzerfaust #2 continues it's Boys Own story of World War II, while dropping references to J M Barrie all over the place like, well, yes, pixie dust While also emphasising all the dangers that the original books seemed to take for granted Combining that with lots of action movie logic makes this a[...]

Another Day Another Image Comics Sell Out

Another Day, Another Image Comics Sell Out

Peter Panzerfaust Issue Two Second print on it's way.Second print of issue one will come out with the first print of issue two Second print of issue two will come out on the same day as the first print of issue three Who knows, maybe with the third print of issue one by then.Seriously, Image[...]

Dealing Cool #2: A Retailer Perspective from Third Eye Comics

Dealing Cool #2: A Retailer Perspective from Third Eye Comics

Peter Panzerfaust also has done very well The dark spin on the Wizard of Oz mythos as seen in No Place Like Home also grabbed a lot of attention.As far as Marvel and DC offerings, Daredevil continues to pick up steam and build buzz, and issues #1-3 of Avengers: X-Sanction have been flying off the[...]