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X-Files Year Zero #3

Well, X-Files Year Zero, I just bought some comic books. Let's see what's going on?

Well, we seem to have another confluence between Marvel and DC, with the Justice League and the Fantastic Four looking at the good guys and the bad guys teaming up to change the world for the better.

First, we have Valeria and Doctor Doom in the Fantastic Four Annual….

Image (24)

What a precious three year old. While over in the Justice League Bruce Wayne is sitting down with Lex Luthor with the same aim.

Image (31)

Though Lex may have been touched by the innocence of a child as well…

Image (12)


He even seems to be coming round to another secret identity member of the Justice League in Action Comics, even if he doesn't know this one…

Image (13)


Because, yes, everyone seems to know Bruce Wayne's identity these days, including Hush in Batman Eternal.

Image (15)

As for children ahead of their ages, there's a little more of that going around today as well, as Miracleman moves onto the John Totleben years.

Image (14)

Though the launch of Men Of Wrath by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney does an incredibly effective job of portraying a driven man beyond morality, regarding his own attitude to children given the circumstances.

Image (17)

Though serious as the moment is, I couldn't quite shake the feeling I'd seen this before around the same time I read that Miracleman


Thank you Cerebus. Of course, that one was meant to be funny…


TMNT #38

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are now suddenly no longer so teenage.


Adventure Time ages Finn so he too is not exactly a teenager either. And he doesn't exactly keep a sense of humour about it. Unlike another old codger….

Image (10)

Something Captain America has a go at as well. For a comic that has been relentlessly bleak since it relaunched a couple of years ago, this issue is intended as a break from that. A laugh riot of banter and back-and-forth for the series' final issue before the relaunch with a new Captain America. And yes there are threats to come but for now our heroes can take a little breather and ask who ate all the mini pizzas. Still Clint could have had it worse for his bad jokes. Take Wonder Woman

Image (18)

Now that's what I call a heckler.

Image (11)

The Death Of Wolverine has the moment some shippers have been waiting on for quite some time. Not that they'll be satisfied with the outcome. Especially considering they have other questions for Kitty Pryde.

Image (22)

Which, in Guardians Of The Galaxy, Illyana is quite happy to ask on their behalf, regarding a certain Peter Quinn. Man, that's her third Peter after Rasputin and Wisdom, right? Fourth if you include Ultimate Kitty Pryde and Peter Parker. Is this really a thing now?

It also kicks off a little… fruitiness to the language in this week's comics.

Image (23)

The launch of Guardians 3000 #1, with Vance Astro using language that the original wielder of that shield might still object to.

Image (26)

Rogue demonstrates in Uncanny Avengers why she is the natural to take over from Captain America on the main team.


Rat Queens encounters… a new phrase on me. Nice beard though. Everyone agrees on that.



And Morning Glories goes for it. Yes, that's pretty much as far as you can go. Until you hire Garth Ennis. or Si Spurrier as swearing consultants.

Image (30)

While this scene from Lobo will appeal to those whose sexual innuendo is based in Britain in the mid seventies. Which I basically picked up on from reading old issues of Private Eye.

Layout 1Damnation is also concerned about the general slipping in conduct of the English language.

Image (28)

But there are certainly moments when its justified. As in The Walking Dead, when you come across knife-wielding zombies.


Or when you just fucking need Robocop.

Image (25)

And… I really don't know what to read into this one from Edge Of Spider-Verse. A Spider-Man who cuts pets open is bad enough… as is a Spider-Man who does other things with those animals that might be closer to a parental figure opening the door unexpectedly. Which would be worse?

Image (27)

Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier does some very interesting things with comic books. It reads more like one of Mark Buckingham's Miracleman, using disparate objects and shapes to tell a story, alternating between mini-multiple panels with big bold splash pages, emphasising the difference between the micro and the macro and the affect of one on the other. Astounding.

Image (29)

Batman/Superman gives Kent a new look… and a new appeal. Anyone fancy this for NYCC cosplay?

Image (33)

Gotham Academy, as well as being a rather spiffing cross between Jennings and Nancy Drew, looks keen to give us a history lesson of Gotham crossing all its families. Handy with a certain television show on at the moment, this is the most entertaining version of Cliff Notes I have ever read. Damn decent comic book too.

Purgatori dresses down to go out for a bite to eat in Chaos.

Angry Birds #5

Angry Birds offers its own sorry alternative.

Kill Shakespeare The Mask Of Nght #4

Kill Shakespeare has something that's even less appetising.


Maybe they should pop by the Fiction Squad, whose tales all seem to involve food of some description.


Or if you just want a regular drink then you need a Regular Show.

Layout 1

Holmes/Houdini gives us the back and forth of America and Britain through the ages. Not much has changed…


If you are already dreading the end of Hawkeye, may I suggest a look at Woods? A similar art style, a nice line in minutia and animals that are far too mart for their own good…


Cloaks comes up with a fine bomb disposal system. Shame all the wires are blue…

Layout 1

War Cry is all about the battle, never the surrender.


Suicide Risk, not so much.

Layout 1

Now hang on a minute, is this the Vampirella Relaunch or The Strain?

Layout 1

Mercy Thompson gives a definition that some folk might disagree with. But, you know, not many folk. Being prejuiced against werewolves might occasionally be a useful genetic trait….


Witchblade sees our characters take on the news values of the Daily Mail there.


Last week, Wayward revealed that the lead of the new Image comic was someone who cuts herself. Today's launch of Cutter doesn't so much make that a personality trait as the main focus, and someone who also likes cutting other people up as well. A little more schlocky, not exactly sure of the psychology there, but it does give us a chance to see lots of big scissors. And poor Chad… no longer left hanging.

Rogue Trooper Classics #6

And very Rogue Trooper needs a bag man to look after their kit…. although right now mine is stuffed full of comics.

So… what did you pick up today?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently exhibition the Scene & Heard work, with a Jeff Smith signing later in the month.


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