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Directors Lord, Miller Off 'Untitled Han Solo' Film Due To 'Creative Differences'

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Lucasfilm is parting ways with Untitled Han Solo Film directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, citing "different creative visions" as the reason. A statement posted on the studios website by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy confirmed the news earlier this afternoon: "Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are talented filmmakers who have assembled […]

Woody Harrelson Posts Donald Glover Facial Hair Update From Han Solo Set

Next May, Lucasfilm will bring us the next standalone Star Wars film, an untitled movie focusing on a young Han Solo. Alden Ehrenreich plays the titular character — well, we assume he's titular, as the film is technically still untitled. Woody Harrelson also has a role as Solo's mentor, and Donald Glover will play a […]

Alden Ehrenreich Confirmed As Han Solo

I was making the headline how Alden Ehrenreich was confirmed as Han Solo for Solo film… and realized how odd that sounded. It's been believed for months that Ehrenreich had the role for the stand-alone Han Solo film (that sounds better), but it was confirmed today at the Star Wars Celebration. The announcement was made […]

Rumored Rogue One Reshoots Suggest Film In Trouble

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story may have a difficult road ahead as Page Six claims the project will "go into expensive reshoots over the summer" to align the film with Disney's vision for it. The film, staring Felicity Jones, Forrest Whittaker and Mads Mikkelsen is the first in Disney's ambitious plan to create a yearly […]

Your Young Han Solo Shortlist Emerges

According to Variety, a shortlist of actors to play the young Han Solo has surfaced featuring names like Whiplash's Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort and Dave Franco. The search began last year for the right mixture of swagger and goofball charm to bring a young Han Solo to the screen for 2018's untitled Star Wars story focused […]

Animated Spider-Man Film Slated For Christmas 2018

According to the Exhibitor Relations Twitter account (via Comic Book Movie), the untitled animated Spider-Man film will come to theaters December 21st, 2018. Originally planned for release in summer of that year, the film will be helmed by The Lego Movie's Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. As noted by CBM, the pair have a busy […]

Fox Commits To Greatest American Hero Remake Pilot

According to Deadline, Fox has committed to a pilot for the upcoming Greatest American Hero remake. The project, in the works for some time, is shepherded by Dope writer/director Rick Famuyiwa and directing duo Phil Lord & Chris Miller, already familiar with the work of Hero creator Stephen J. Cannell from their two films based on […]

Han Solo Film Gets LEGO Movie Directors

THR is reporting that the LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord have signed on to direct/write a Star Wars stand-alone film focusing on a young Han Solo. Miller and Lord were expected to develop a Flash film for Warner Bros as well as direct the next LEGO Movie and […]

Creating The Bricks – A Lego Movie Featurette

So is it really a LEGO movie if its animated? Well, the makers of The LEGO Movie says it is because each item, whether it is the buildings, the characters or even the water, is made from LEGO bricks… and this featurette including directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller shows you just how its done. [youtube][/youtube]

Will Marvel Superheroes Appear In The Lego Sequel? Doesn't Sound Like It

I'm not at all surprised by this but, for the sake of crossing Ts and dotting Is, here's the word. Coming Soon asked Phil Lord and Chris Miller if we could expect Marvel superheroes in the next Lego movie. There's certainly enough of them in the Lego toy line. They said… probably not. But maybe. […]

First Poster For 22 Jump Street

This year, there are two films from Phil Lord and Chris Miller. There's the R-rated, live-action 22 Jump Street and the PG, animated (mainly) Lego Movie. That kind of release pattern is called "the Spielberg."