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Power Rangers Pink Ranger Invades GameStop With Hasbro Exclusives
It is Morphin' Time as Hasbro unveils a whole new slew of Pink Ranger collectibles as part of their popular Lighting Collection line Four new collectibles were revealed with 2 replica role-playing items and two new figures that are all going exclusive to GameStop Up first is the two unique cosplay items as Mighty Morphin'[...]
Power Rangers Flirt, Glow And Go Swimming In Two New Clips
After noticing they now apparently glow (because that isn't at all conspicuous), they make an unusual discovery. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Power Rangers (2017 Movie) Official Clip – 'Underwater' ( In the second clip, Red Ranger Jason (Dacre Montgomery) and Pink Ranger Kimberley (Naomi Scott) have a discussion about living in Angel Grove[...]