Pirate Who Leaked The Revenant Screener Has Missed Jail Time But Is Fined $1 Million


Piracy still remains a big problem for movie studios. Millions download movies illegally every year, and it's certainly become a bigger issue as Hollywood cracks down on the worst culprits.

One such man got into a lot of trouble last year while working on a studio lot. He got his hands on screeners of both The Revenant and The Peanuts Movie, and used the alias 'clutchit' to post the films online after taking them home unauthorised. The Hollywood Reporter say that the version of The Revanant was downloaded over a million times on its own.

The man is going to be avoiding jail due to his familial circumstances, but he will be under house arrest for 8 months, and crucially, has been order to pay $1.12 million in restitution to 20th Century Fox.

That's a pretty hefty fine, but piracy can hurt the industry in important ways, so I am not too surprised to see the law fall onto him. I don't think this will be the last case either as we see studios cracking down on illegal distributes of stolen films.