Bootlegger At Thor: Ragnarok Premiere Turns Out To Be Mark Ruffalo

In a shocking twist, a man caught streaming audio from Thor: Ragnarok's Los Angeles premiere on the internet was revealed to be star Mark Ruffalo.

Bootlegger At Thor: Ragnarok Premiere Turns Out To Be Mark Ruffalo

According to a report from THR, Ruffalo pirated the film and distributed over the web by accident. Ruffalo was streaming on Instagram Live as he came out on stage at the premiere, but rather than turn off the stream, Ruffalo simply put his phone in his pocket, leaving the stream running. As a result, fans were able to hear a portion of the movie before the stream ended for unknown reasons.

At the premiere, precautions to prevent piracy included making audience members place their phones in sealed pouches, but nobody thought that one of the film's cast would be responsible for breaking the rule. Thankfully, Ruffalo shut things down, or someone shut it down for him, before too many spoilers were revealed. If Ruffalo spoiled the entire film, he would be encroaching on the livelihood of the entertainment press. We gotta eat, Mark Ruffalo. Leave the spoiling to us.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 2nd, but you might be able to score a VHS from the trunk of Mark Ruffalo's car in a secluded parking lot. We'll keep you posted.

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