Paradox Interactive Has Figured Out The Best Way To Combat Game Piracy

Cities Skyline

With the rise of PC gaming exploding substantially, the creep of video game piracy is not far behind. It's easier than ever for games to be stolen off torrent websites and it has required developers to get creative. Some add game breaking bugs that slowly reveals pirates as they complain in forums, but Paradox Interactive have decided to take a different tact.

Cities: Skyline is the latest game from the developer and it too has been hit by pirating. Paradox's Shams Jorjani has revealed the plan to beat the activity over twitter. It's deceptively simple. Just offer a great service for paying customers with near constant updates.

In my eyes, this is really the best way to fight piracy. Kill your customers with so much kindness that pirates can't keep up. It's good for the paying customers and will probably convert several of those who stole the game.

As we've seen time and time again, punishing paying customers on the suspicion that they might be pirates only makes those who did pay for the title angry. That isn't good for anyone.

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