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But more than that? The cast & host looked like they were having fun, and it showed. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Image: Screencaps) Are Lizzo and Please Don't Destroy (Ben Marshall, John Higgins & Martin Herlihy) the next comedy-action-buddy paring we need in our lives? "Lizzo Has Writer's Block" makes a very strong case for it and was[...]
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And these are just any sketches… we're got one from Please Don't Destroy and another from the week that Will Forte hosted. Image: Screencaps Please Don't Destroy – "New Personalities": In the following sketch, Ben Marshall, John Higgins & Martin Herlihy (Please Don't Destroy) decide to try out some new personalities for the new year[...]
Add into the mix some great mic moments from Davidson & Cyrus and the pleasant surprise that was Please Don't Destroy (Ben Marshall, John Higgins, Martin Herlihy), and what we got was an NYE special actually worth counting down with Now here's a look at some of the funnier highlights… Image: NBC First up, Marshall, Higgins &[...]
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That's right, we went without a Please Don't Destroy (Ben Marshall, John Higgins, Martin Herlihy) video for another week, but that doesn't mean there wasn't one ready to go That's right, the trio is back the SNL "Cut for Time" sketch, "Future Selves." Image: Screencap As you can tell from the title, our trio's future selves go[...]
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But before we wrap up our coverage until all of the leftovers have been eaten, we have to offer the spotlight to Please Don't Destroy (Ben Marshall, John Higgins, Martin Herlihy) and their video sketch that was cut for time but released on SNL's YouTube channel In "Touch Up," Ben's Joker-like experience with Botox kicks[...]
Dear SNL, Always Include 'Please Don't Destroy' Sketches From Now On
I was surprised to see a recent favorite comedic trio, Please Don't Destroy, in a digital sketch that premiered with the second episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Kim Kardashian I honestly couldn't care less about who hosted, but I did care that a show I love to watch was boosting their comedic prowess[...]