Dear Saturday Night Live: Please Don't Destroy Sketches Are Mandatory

I was surprised to see a recent favorite comedic trio, Please Don't Destroy, in a digital sketch that premiered with the second episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Kim Kardashian. I honestly couldn't care less about who hosted, but I did care that a show I love to watch was boosting their comedic prowess with absurdity.

Please Dont Destroy
Please Don't Destroy – Source: YouTube/ SNL

Not since having the height of comedy's transition into the digital age with Lonely Island, have I seen such a unique comedic presence outside of the live sketches done on SNL. The comedy group, which also currently writes for Saturday Night Live, includes Ben Marshall, Martin Herlihy, and John Higgins.

One of the videos that got me interested in following them, mainly a lot of likes on Tik Tok thanks to my obsession, was the one featured above entitled "I Got Vaccinated!!!" which continues to be a favorite of mine. There's something about the oblivious nature of Ben in the video discussing what is obviously not the COVID vaccine, from the shady price of three hundred dollars to the mysterious origins, that makes me laugh every time I watch it. I get a lot of Andy Samberg mixed with Lonely Island vibes with each digital sketch that premieres, I feel so happy that that brand of comedy has influenced future generations of writing. The absurdity of drinking JCPenney branded seltzer that ranges in taste from pants to belt buckles is fucking incredible. Based on the YouTube comments below those videos, that range from pleading the group gets more attention to making a point that this brand of comedy is what they signed up for, Saturday Night Live has an obvious solution to any comedy gaps in their show. SNL, please just have them keep making these amazing videos, give them more reach in writing for other sketches, and realize that comedy blossoms when it is given room to grow and is allowed access to younger generations.

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