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The logos for Live PD (from A&E) and Cops (from Paramount Network).
With protests against police brutality following the killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers still continuing across the country and around the globe, A&E has made the decision to shelve new episodes of Live PD that were scheduled for Friday, June 5, and Saturday, June 6 (Live Rescue will air instead) In addition, Paramount[...]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 7
Beatriz matched the donation made by The Tick star Griffin Newman, who began an initiative to encourage actors who've benefitted from portraying police officers on screen to give back to those fighting against racial injustice in policing. I'm an actor who plays a detective on tv. If you currently play a cop? If you make tens or hundreds[...]
Dear ABC's The Rookie: We Want More of Our Badass Women!
Additionally, the casting is fantastic! Of eight main character roles–all police officers–half are badass women played by fantastic actors: Alyssa Diaz (Angela Lopez), Melissa O'Neil (Lucy Chen), Afton Williamson (Talia Bishop), and Mercedes Mason as everyone's boss Captain Zoe Anderson are all powerhouses They own every scene that they are in and bring a lot of acting depth to the[...]
'9-1-1': Fox Releases Teaser For Ryan Murphy First Responder Series
Whether through the eyes of "Cain and Abel" plastic surgeon partners (Nip/Tuck), hopeful high school outcasts (Glee), those who represent out very legal system (American Crime Story) or those who give in to their baser angels (American Horror Story), Murphy allows us to examine not just where we are as a society now; but also[...]