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Adam Hughes' Pop Kill #4 Sells For Over $1000 on eBay
Bleeding Cool has covered Pop Kill before, the Jimmy Palmiotti-Kickstartered action-adventure in which the two dominant and competing Cola companies, each worth billions, are owned by former conjoined twins who are now separated and have grown to hate each other so much they hire assassins, saboteurs, and espionage personnel to meddle with each other on[...]
Jimmy Palmiotti Gives Bleeding Cool 20% Off His Pop Kill Kickstarter
Back in August, Jimmy Palmiotti gave Bleeding Cool readers a 20% discount off his Kickstarter for Pop Kill #2 Now with #3 and #4 up for Kickstarter simultaneously, he is doing the same again Apparently last time it really worked, and he'd love a repeat performance The book hit its goal in a handful of[...]
Jimmy Palmiotti Promotes POP KILL and Gives Bleeding Cool 20% Off
Jimmy Palmiotti writes for Bleeding Cool about The Long Journey into Kickstarter – and a gift to the Bleeding Cool readers.  POP KILL #2 is currently running live It's my 14th Kickstarter We have art by Dave Johnson, Juan Santacruz, Brian Reber, Amanda Conner, and story by Dave and I; all put together by the amazing[...]
Pop Kill is a new sex crime-noir graphic novel from Jimmy Palmiotti, Dave Johnson (writers), Juan Santacruz (artist), Brian Reber (colourist), Sean Konot (letterer) and John J Hill (designer) It is launching on Kickstarter today and intended to launch next month, May 2020. "Imagine a world where the two dominant and competing Cola companies, each worth billions,[...]