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The $28 Million Dollar Swipe File – Jeff Koons And Dark Horse Comics
Jeff Koons has created a six-and-a-half foot, two thousand pound, stainless steel statue of Popeye, auctioned for $28,200,000 by Sothebys to casino owner and art buyer Steve Wynn The auction house stated "The history of Pop Art begins and ends with Popeye From his first representations by Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol in the 1960s, to[...]
Fifty-Five Thoughts About Fifty-Five Comics – Locke & Key Alpha, Daredevil, New Guardians, Harley Quinn, Adventure Time, Young Avengers, Hit, X-Men, Sex, Saga, Pretty Deadly, Revival, Mind The Gap, Midas Flesh, Cobra Files, East Of West, Black Science, Batman & Two-Face, Extinction Parade, Vibe, Rogues Rebellion, Wonder Woman, Samurai Jack, Itty Bitty Hellboy, Star Trek, BRPD, Bloodhound, My Little Pony, Conan, Supergirl, Pandora, Ultimate X-Men, Avengers Assemble, Indestructible Hulk, Secret Avengers, Captain America, Superior Spider-Man, Kiss Kids, Ghostbusters, Ben 10, Robotech/Voltron, Kiss Me Satan, A Voice In The Dark, Witchblade, Peanuts, Red Sonja, Bravest Warriors, Imagine Agents, Hawken Melee, Bounce, Transformers, TMNT, Popeye And Illegitimates
Quick trip to Urban Dictionary... That's the problem in Transformers: Robots In Disguise with Shockwave, you never have a clue just what he's thinking. No, Popeye, you're published by IDW now Come on, get it together So that was a look through the week's comics, ahead of next week with almost no comics! How are you feeling[...]
ComiXology All Over The World – Israel Feels Fear Itself, Popeye Takes China
Meanwhile it's totally random madness down the rest of the list with Spain bringing in Invincible #98 in the first slot, Thunderbolts #1 winning it in Japan, Popeye Classics #1 taking China, Before Watchmen: Comedian #4 laughing it up to number one in India, Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends #23 is of course the[...]
Hotel Transylvania 2 Loses What Made The First One Interesting – Genndy Tartakovsky
Tartakovsky, however, will not be returning as his next big project is a big-screen adaptation of Popeye, which he is apparently planning to make as "as artful and unrealistic as possible". Critics have praised Hotel Transylvania for its very cartoonish style of animation Tartakovsky took his experience as a 2D animator and applied the same rules[...]
Popeye The Public Domain Man
In the European Union, Popeye went into the public domain back in 2009, but not in the US It seems to be down to Popeye being labelled work for hire in the US, and thus a beneficiary of the "Disney Laws" that extend such ownership, currently until the end of 2024 Until it gets changed[...]
And Finally… John Byrne's Popeye Vs X-Men
Or PVX as the modern vernacular would have it. A variant cover by John Byrne for the four issue of the ongoing Popeye comic from IDW. Or PVX as the modern vernacular would have it. A variant cover by John Byrne for the four issue of the ongoing Popeye comic from IDW. Or PVX as the modern[...]
Tom Neely: Popeye, Danzig and The Devil
Gavin Lees talked to Tom Neely for Bleeding Cool; Tom Neely has anchors tattooed on his forearms — that's how much he loves Popeye. For the past few years, Neely has steadily been gathering momentum as one of the most distinctive voices in indie comics, blending wordless surrealistic narratives with imagery that seems torn equally from early[...]
Thirteen Thousand Copies Of Popeye #1 Sell Out. Well, Whaddayaknow.
Recent, IDW published a new Popeye comic book The first in quite a while. And it sold Sold well And kept on selling. And I've got the numbers The full, actual, honest numbers that count sales to the direct market in the US, Canada and the UK These are never released by publishers, for fear of exposing[...]
Wilco Create New Popeye Cartoon For Their New Video
The band Wilco have released a brand Popeye cartoon to accompany their new single Dawned On Me You can explore the accompanying website here, or just watch the video below. It's not even a knock off or a parody, this is a genuine new cartoon created with King Features Syndicate And it's Wilco's first music video[...]
Roger Langridge Writes New Popeye, Takes On Superman
Segar, so getting a chance to write Popeye is quite a thrill," said Langridge "I'm especially pleased that IDW have decided to go with a Segar-flavored interpretation As much as I like some of the later versions of the character, for me, it's those early strips where the magic really happened Just as well Segar[...]
Popeye Mandatory In Angoulême 24 Hour Comic Challenge
Invented by Scott McCloud, it has become a worldwide phenomenon now. This year, the theme, chosen by Lewis Trondheim as always, is that all stories must include Popeye. The character is public domain in Europe, but not in the USA. Catch some more of the finished and finishing work here… and few  examples below. Boulet: Agata Badalyan and Irina Mryan: Bg-net: [...]