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How Joe Jusko Painted the Cover for Vampirella #1…
This is legendary genre painter Joe Jusko's cover for Vampirella #1, coming from Dynamite Entertainment, part of Christopher Priest's big nw reworking of the classic comics horro character But would you like to see how he put it all together? Me too Check out these nine images from sketch on canvas to full painting and[...]
A Priest By Any Other Name
The Klang! ebook about the doings and don'tings of Quantum And Woody isn't written by Priest, Or Christopher Priest Or even Jim Osley But by James Priest. So what's with the latest change in nomenclature? I asked the man in question He told me, I haven't changed my name again :-) Most people still call me simply[...]
Priest Launches E-Book With Unpublished Quantum & Woody Scripts And 'Combative' History
Writer James Priest, formerly known as Priest, Christopher Priest and Jim Owsley, has published an e-book, Klang! featuring unpublished scripts from the original Quantum & Woody run by Valiant/Acclaim and the original first drafts of his scripts from the more recent revival Q2: The Return of Quantum & Woody series published by Valiant Entertainment. The ebook is available[...]
The Complete Christopher Priest Black Panther, Out Next Year
What Black Panther comics to read? Marvel promoted the Reginald Hudlin run the most but some found it lacking. Well, Amazon now has the answer, with a listing for Black Panther by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection Volume 1. A series of trade paperbacks with around twenty issues in each, collecting Priest's run on the book[...]
Something New For Quantum & Woody – Or Someone Old…
Could this be their final release, digitally? Or more than that, could this be original new Quantum & Woody comics by Priest and Bright? That might be even more teaseable… The NYCC panel is on Saturday at 4 pm. You see I blame Marvel for these NYCC teasers… This time last year, Bleeding Cool told you that there[...]
Priest And Bright Amicable With Valiant, Maguire Cool With Them Too
Valiant have finished their big Summer Of Valiant announcements, and lots of people have been willing to report them. But there has been a small groundswell of opinion among certain creators that, while Marvel and DC are often rightfully criticised for the way they treat the creators of their most memorable icons, Valiant has been getting[...]
A Lesson In Longsword Fighting by Leah Borromeo
Not a real priest, but a swashbuckling expert from the London Longsword Academy. We all had Priest to thank for this – Paul Bettany's latest dystopian cinematic appearance where he stars as an exiled Vampire-killing warrior cleric searching for his kidnapped niece Based on Min-Woo Hyung's comic book series, Priest is a CGI-fest that[...]
Win Sword Training, Geek T-Shirts And Cool Graphic Novels With Bleeding Cool (UPDATE)
Best put a proper RT at the beginning, such as RT @bleedingcool: Win Sword Training, Geek T-Shirts And Cool Graphic Novels With Bleeding Cool First prize: We've arranged for a specialist sword master to be the Sacerdos to conduct a bespoke training regime to go through the ancient art of sword and buckler marital arts, which was first described by cleric[...]