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Toxic Masculinity in The Dashing School For Wayward Princes
The Dashing School for Wayward Princes, a middle-grade graphic novel by Ben Kahn of Renegade Rule and Jeremy Whitley of Princeless, drawn by Melissa Capriglione of Basil & Oregano It tells the story of Leo, a supposed prince who knows that, deep down, she's really a princess Despite the school's rigid and outdated gender norms, Leo and[...]
Princeless Free Comic Book Day Cancelled By Action Lab
Action Lab also had a Free Comic Book Day title scheduled for this May, featuring work that may be under dispute. Princeless creators on the series Jeremy Whitley and Emily C Martin are part of that lawsuit and issued a statement about the Free Comic Book Day listing, saying; It has come to our attention through the[...]
Action Lab Issues Statement Against Princeless Comic Creators
Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool reported on the creators of the Princeless comic book, Jeremy Whitely and Emily Martin and their issues with comic book publisher Action Lab soliciting a new Princeless comic book for next year's Free Comic Book Day, featuring unpublished comics, despite impending litigation. We initially reached out to Bryan Seaton, publisher of[...]
Princeless Creators vs Action Lab Over Free Comic Book Day Offering
Here is the listing; Princeless Free Comic Book Day 2023 FCBD 2023 PRINCELESS ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT DEC220018 (W) Jeremy Whitley (A/CA) Emily Martin Princeless Is Back! And to kick off the tenth volume, Action Lab is giving you the first issue for free! Join Adrienne as she kicks off a new adventure where it all began-her homeland! Exclusive Original Material Rating: All-Ages Princeless[...]
Rich Johnston Talks To Bryan Sealey About Action Lab Concerns
Meant to be a sampling of issues raised by creators against Action Lab, each claim has far more besides the below, and can be read in full here, Jeremy Whitley, Jason Strutz, Emily Martin of Princeless and Ravan The Pirate Princess, "When confronted about non-payment in the past, ALE has seen fit to unpublish digitally[...]
Jeremy Whitely And The Tanya
Jeremy Whitley is the creator of Princeless and the writer of The Unstoppable Wasp for Marvel Comics But why hasn't he written for DC Comics? Last night on Twitter, he talked about his big break at DC – that wasn't. Every time I see somebody post about Tanya Spears "Power Girl" it reminds me that I[...]
Princeless Raven
Earlier this year, Jeremy Whitley talked about issues with Action Lab over the payment of artists on his Princeless spin-off series, Raven: The Pirate Princess And that volume 9: Black Fort And The Golden Queen by Jeremy Whitley, Nicole D'Andria, Xenia Pamfil and Telênia Albuquerque has been complete and unpublished since 2019, with no scheduled date[...]
Jeremy Whitley, On Not Being Allowed To Write Gay Characters Kissing in Comics
Jeremy Whitley, author of Princeless, The Unstoppable Wasp, The FF, Rainbow Brite, the upcoming The School For ExtraterrestrialGirls and many other comic books has just shared one part of the editorial process And shown what is still going down He posted out in a series of tweets and replies; So, this was the week I actually[...]
Jeremy Whitely on Marvel Comics' Cancellation of Future Foundation
Jeremy Whitely, creator of Princeless Bride and Raven: Pirate Princess, was at SPX this weekend When some rather unfortunate news went wide Bleeding Cool reported the word coming out of a recent Marvel summit, that the Future Foundation title written by Jeremy was to be cancelled That the decision had been made just after the[...]
Jeremy Whitley's Princeless Is Coming To The Big Screen
Princeless, the Eisner-nominated comic from Action Lab and created by Jeremy Whitley, is getting a movie adaptation from Sony The news was reported by Deadline before Action Lab's panel at San Diego Comic Con Saturday. Stefani Robinson (Atalanta) will write the script about a princess who doesn't need saving, and instead sets out to rescue her[...]
Jay Faerber And Jamal Igle's Venture Republished By Action Lab In June
Maybe it might continue a little longer this time Twisting the classic Superman story, Venture sees a newspaper reporter blackmailing a superhero after discovering his secret identity. The publisher also sees a new Princeless series by Jeremy Whitley, Emily Martin and Brett Grunig. Here are all of Acton Lab's June 2015 solicitations… VENTURE #1 (W) Jay Faerber (A/CA) Jamal Igle Down-on-his-luck reporter Reggie[...]
Thought Bubble Exclusive: Princeless #1
What: Thought Bubble exclusive run of the new Princeless #1 Who: Jeremy Whitley , Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt Where: Tables 7-8, in front of the main entrance of the TB Teepee.   What: Thought Bubble exclusive run of the new Princeless #1 Who: Jeremy Whitley , Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt Where: Tables 7-8, in front of the main[...]
Free Hallowe'en Comics On October 25th – Secret Wars, Angry Birds, Afterlife With Archie, Batman, Rachel Rising, Princeless, Extinction Parade, Resident Evil, Fathom And More
Seeking the help of Aunt Johnny and BFF Jet, Rachel encounters a mysterious woman and the scariest little girl in comics! This special reprint is just for Halloween Comicfest 2014 and features a unique cover variation to mark the occasion! 32pgs, B&W ACTION LAB COMICS HERO CATS / PRINCELESS—HCF 2014 EDITION (W) Kyle Puttkammer, Jeremy Whitley (A/CA) Marcus Williams A[...]
On Women In Comics by Jeremy Whitley
This is not how I want my daughter to see herself on the rare occasion that she is allowed to relate to one of your characters. I've said a number of times that the reason I started writing "Princeless" was because I wanted a book that I could share with my daughter I wanted her to[...]
Tuesday Runaround – "Women Aren't Supposed To Be Artists"
They have babies, that's what women are for". I'd Buy That For… One of my favourites, Princeless is relaunching for a dollar, folks. Kicked Asses David Mack tweeted his cover art for Kick-Ass #3… My cover of HIT-GIRL on @mrmarkmillar's KICK-ASS #3 ships this Wednesday Cover image here: — David Mack (@davidmackkabuki) September 9, 2013 And his  preview art too. Preview: Kick-Ass[...]
It's Princeless Vs Catwoman
The second issue of Princeless seems to have a little bit of an agenda… "Adrienne is hot on the trail of her older sister Angelica But in order to save Angelica, Adrienne will have to face a real monster – jealousy Meanwhile, another member of the royal family has disappeared and one of King Ashe's closest[...]
Three Comics For My Daughter
 And while I was spoiled on how easy it was to find Liam a comic he could enjoy, once I turned away from the Big Two and started looking at other publishers I found some books that might fit the bill. Princeless From Action Lab Comics ( Just the basic concept of this story sold me[...]
Countdown To The Eisners – You Know, For Kids
No wonder the kids go crazy for it! Who could win: Nursery Rhyme Comics, edited by Chris Duffy (First Second) Who I think should have been nominated:Owly & Wormy, Friends All Aflutter!, by Andy Ruton (Top Shelf) Best Publication for Kids (ages 8-12) The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold, by Sholly Fisch, Rick Burchett, and Dan Davis[...]
FREE: The Eisner-Nominated Princeless #1
Princeless from Action Lab Comics by Jeremy "The Order of Dagonet" Whitley and M Goodwin. Still waiting for your prince to come?  Tired of spending night after night locked in a secluded tower?  Ready for your own adventure?  So are we. Princeless is the story of Princess Adrienne, one princess who's tired of waiting to be rescued[...]