Action Lab NYCC Exclusives Include 'Pervy' Crossover With Star Wars And Harley Quinn

Action Lab has revealed its 2017 NYCC exclusives, and they come right out of the gate with some unexpectedly bold… uh… "reading" fodder: the Ivan The Pervy Ghost One-Shot with two Dan Mendoza covers.

In this spinoff of the comic DollFace, Ivan the Pervy Ghost goes to comic-con and, according to the solicit, "things take a sexy turn." The comic is sold only in sets containing both the regular and "risqué" cover, which is the same as the regular cover, but with topless versions of what we assume are Princess Leia and Harley Quinn cosplayers. Because if there's one thing conventions need more of, it's cute cartoon characters encouraging people to be pervy to cosplayers. What bad could possibly come of that?!

It seems unnecessary to offer two separate covers while you can only read one comic when you're using one hand, but we guess you can at least put one into a polybag to protect its pages from getting all stuck together.

The set goes for $100, and there are only 100 copies that will ever be printed, which Action Lab is counting on being the exact same number of people who don't realize they can get porn on the internet for free and don't have to pay $100 for cartoon boobs. But hey, who are we to judge? We work for Avatar Press, after all.

Cover Artist: Dan Mendoza
Written by: Bryan Seaton & Dan Mendoza
Limited to 100 copies each
Cost $100 per set, sold in sets only

From the pages of DollFace, Ivan ventures out on his own adventure. When the DollFace team decides to get some downtime at a Comic Convention, Ivan gets separated from his friends and goes into a neighboring Con. Things take a turn. A "sexy" turn. For the 1st time ever, see Ivan in all his perverted glory in this solo book, IVAN THE PERVY GHOST.

This will be a true New York Comic Con exclusive and this single issue comic will not be offered in print again. This is your one and only chance to collect the first edition of Ivan's solo debut. A digital release will come out later this year for fans that just want to enjoy the story of Ivan and his Pervy Adventures. Sold in sets of 1 Regular & 1 Risqué cover, it will come with a certificate of authenticity that will be numbered and hand signed by Dan & Bryan. $50 from each set sold at NYCC will go to help Hurricane victims of Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

Other exclusives include Jupiter Jet #1 with cover by Ben Matsuya, also limited to only 100 copies, but presumably all you can do with this one is read it, since it goes for just ten bucks.

Cover Artist: Ben Matsuya
Limited to 100 copies
Cost $10

SERIES LAUNCH! Sixteen-year-old Jacqueline "Jacky" Johnson rides the sky on an experimental jetpack and she does what any other teenage girl would do. Steal from the rich and give to the poor! But, when she steals a mysterious object from the wrong people, can she survive the robots and ray guns they send after her? Series creators Jason Inman & Ashley Victoria Robinson will be on hand to sign and discuss the work. See schedule at the booth for times.

There's also 200 copies of an NYCC Exclusive Miraculous Adventures #3, cover by Brian Hess and Cheryl Black, which also goes for ten bucks.

Cover Artist: Brian Hess and Cheryl Black
Limited to 200 copies
Cost $10

Ladybug and Cat Noir are in New York, fighting a terrible menace that threatens to destroy the entire city. Alongside the world's greatest superheroes, will they be able to stop the Trash Krakken before it's too late? Meet Brian Hess, Bryan Seaton and Nicole D'Andria at the Action Lab booth. See booth schedule for times.

70 lucky attendees will have a chance to snag this Princeless one-shot, with cover by Megan Huang. Though the story will be collected in an upcoming TPB, these are the only 70 copies that will ever be published in floppy format. No price is listed, but how can you put a price on a comic this rare? The best bet is probably to toss them into a large crowd and let natural selection decide who gets a copy.

Cover Artist: Megan Huang
Limited to 70 copies

Hunting Day is a Princeless one-shot featuring the fan favorite Dwarven Dragon Slayers Benna and Gretta and their daughter Penny. Part of the upcoming volume 6 collection, this is a one-time opportunity to grab this one-shot standalone story from the Princeless universe.

In the Dwarven homeland of The Rim, when girls reach a certain age they are required to prove their hunting proficiency in a rite of passage called "Hunting Day". Accompanied by their parents, young Dwarven women have one day to go out into the wild and hunt a wild animal. But when Penny wounds an animal that flees into the woods, she gets separated from her mothers and winds up alone in a dark and dangerous forest. Meet writer Jeremy Whitley; see booth 3044 for signing schedule.

Speaking of Princeless, there will be 120 copies of this Princeless: Raven, The Pirate Princess Year 2: Love And Revenge #1 con exclusive Sorah Suhng cover. This one also has no price listed. Maybe it's a pun? Get it? Princeless? Priceless? We'll show ourselves out…

Cover Artist: Sorah Suhng
Limited to 120 copies

High adventures on the high seas are back! With her crew restored from their run-in with her treacherous brothers, Raven is ready to reclaim what was stolen from her. But first… DANCE PARTY! Raven promised she would confess her love for Ximena, but Sunshine has other plans. Who will end the night dancing with whom? Meet writer Jeremy Whitley; see booth 3044 for signing schedule.

Spencer & Locke is a cool comic, and it has a fittingly cool con exclusive variant cover by Jorge Santiago Jr.. Only 100 copies of this one, and once again, no price, but we can confidently tell you that it's somewhere between free and a million dollars. Bring your checkbook.

Cover Artist: Jorge Santiago Jr.
Limited to 100 copies

When his grade-school sweetheart is found dead, there's only one friend Detective Locke can trust to help solve her murder — his childhood imaginary panther, Spencer. But when they face a vicious crime syndicate and memories from Locke's traumatic youth, can this unlikely pair survive long enough to find the truth? Meet creator David Pepose; see booth 3044 for signing schedule.

And finally, in case you found the previous couple of exclusives alarmingly non-arousing, Action Lab has got you covered with two Zombie Tramp covers, one of which, try to contain your excitement, is R-rated (PG-13 in the 80s). There are 250 copies of each cover by Bill McKay.

Cover Artist: Bill McKay
Limited to 250 copies each

Janey's biggest battle yet comes to a close. Can she survive her mentor Xula's might? Can Xula survive Janey's wrath?? This is the first of the big key issues in the Death of Zombie Tramp story that concludes in issue 50, July 2018. Don't miss the beginning of the end! Meet Bill Mckay and Dan Mendoza; see booth 3044 for signing schedule.

Stop by Action Lab's booth, 3044, to get your hands on these and find out what else Action Lab is up to this weekend.

UPDATE: In response to criticism of the Ivan the Pervy Ghost cover, Action Lab urged "over zealous nut jobs" to boycott their books. Shortly thereafter, however, they claimed that their Twitter account was hacked. Read more about it here.

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