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rick rubin
Aside from making for one helluva concert and/or jam band, there's one one thing – or in this case, one person – who connects them all: legendary music producer Rick Rubin, the subject of Showtime Documentary Films' Shangri-La Using Rubin's iconic studio in Malibu as the backdrop, the cable network's four-part docu-series focuses on creative[...]
Black Lightning Producer Salim Akil Sued for Domestic Violence, Breach of Contract
Black Lightning producer Salim Akil has been named in a lawsuit filed by Amber Dixon Brenner on November 20, 2018, with the actor alleging she had a years-long "physically and sexually abusive relationship" with the producer-director Brenner is also suing Akil for breach of contract over a script Brenner claims she wrote and Akil used for his[...]
five nights at freddy's chris columbus
Credit: DFree / Harry Potter director Chris Columbus is set to trade in horcruxes and dementors for pizza boxes and homicidal animatronic animals, signing on to write, direct and produce Blumhouse's big-screen adaptation of Scott Cawthon's popular video game franchise Five Nights at Freddy's. Blumhouse landed the rights in March 2017 after New Line placed the project[...]
Deadmau5 Gives Fans Possibly the Last New Rick and Morty for 2018
Okay, maybe that last part was just a little fan fiction gone wild, but you get my point. Then you hear show writer/voice actor/producer Ryan Ridley talking about the series not returning until possibly 2019, and you have to ask yourself: what do I need to do to get my hands on some new Rick and[...]
Vida: Starz Casts Mishel Prada, Four More In New Drama Series
Barrera's Lyn is a "party girl" who;s figured out how to live a pretty worry-free life in the Bay Area. Here's a breakdown of the remaining roles: Non-binary Latinx/Chicanx actor, playwright, and artivist Ser Anzoategui (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Shameless) portrays Eddy, a sensitive soul who is trustworthy, generous and passionate but also intimidating looking upon first glance. Rendon (A[...]