Three Fake PSAs Promote The New Jackass Movie, Bad Grandpa

The next Jackass picture is something of a break from the old routine, trading in the scattershot anarchy of the earlier movies for something a bit more focused.These fake PSAs show off the character, Irving Zisman You'll have to let me know ifyou recognise him.These promos show him being relatively sensible, not while he's flying[...]

Donald Glover Pleads With You To Help Get Community Back On Air And Help Save The Bees

Perhaps my BBC-addled, six-episodes-a-year brain can't grasp it.Here's a very sincere and straight-up PSA from Donald Glover (Community, Mystery, Ultimate Spider-Man) asking for we the viewers to do something.No honey? But.. but.. but don't the bees need honey to live?Do NBC know what they're doing here? I don't understand how American TV works at all[...]

Marvel Changes Mind Over Reprinting Peter Parker Child Abuse Story

The solicitation of the SPIDER-MAN: THE PSAS TPB caused much commentary This collection of public service announcement comic books from Marvel starring Spider-Man was to be an archive to treasure, looking at how various topics of public concern were covered by government funded comics featuring Spidey.Well, sadly, Marvel have pulled the rug from under our[...]

The Muppets Show You How *Not* To Behave At The Cinema

If Kermit told me I had to sit backwards in the cinema and watch the whole film with a hand over one eye I'd probably snap to it. Surely he'd have his reasons? If we can't trust Kermit, who can we trust? [youtube][/youtube] Just over a month now until The Muppets opens in the US, […]

"And Now An Important Message From The Director And Star Of Attack The Block"

Here's a PSA starring Joe Cornish and John Boyega, the director and lead actor of Attack the Block It's most amusing.[youtube][/youtube]Attack the Block remains the best film I've seen all year, and despite some stiff competition Please go see it, I really think you're very likely to fall in love with it.I also agree with[...]