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Ebay Authentication Guarantee Gets Update Through PSA Partnership
Today, eBay has announced that as part of their Authentication Guarantee, they are teaming up with Professional Sports Authenticator (or PSA), a major force in the collectible grading service industry. The iconic full art of Charizard from the Base Set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game one of the mainstays of the trading card market on eBay[...]
PSA Announces New Autographed Service for Funko Pops
They are honestly one of the best collectibles to use for autographs, and now PSA has a way to save that collectible The authenticating company has announced that they will be offering a new autograph encapsulation service for your favorite Pops The service will verify your autograph and seal them away in a new holder[...]
Check Out This Rare Cy Young Baseball Card On Auction At
PSA graded rare baseball cards are shooting up as well, like this T206 Piedmont Cy Young card from 1909-11, on auction today at Heritage Auctions The Piedmont cards are legendary, and for a while, these were reasonably attainable, including star cards like Youngs Now though, sitting at $8,750 as of this writing, the numbers are[...]
Marvel Changes Mind Over Reprinting Peter Parker Child Abuse Story
The solicitation of the SPIDER-MAN: THE PSAS TPB caused much commentary This collection of public service announcement comic books from Marvel starring Spider-Man was to be an archive to treasure, looking at how various topics of public concern were covered by government funded comics featuring Spidey. Well, sadly, Marvel have pulled the rug from under our[...]