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A Love So Visible, Yet Unseen: Heathen Volume One
Heathen Volume 1 (by Natasha Alterici and Rachel Deering) is one of Vault Comics' breakout successes The team, now with artist Ashley A Woods, currently works on volume three, still through Vault Heathen stars Aydis, an outcast Viking, and her mission to bring down Odin Or is it? Alt cover to Heathen #1 by Jen Bartel I[...]
Preview Breaklands, the ComiXology Original from Justin Jordan and Tyasseta Launching this Week
Breaklands, by writer Justin Jordan, artist Tyasseta, colorist Sarah Stern, and letterer Rachel Deering, is set in a world where everyone has superhero powers except for one young woman who happens to be the book's protagonist. ComiXology, Amazon's premier digital comics service introduces Breaklands, an all-new, creator owned mini-series from Justin Jordan, the co-creator and writer[...]
Natasha Alterici's Lesbian Viking Comic Heathen Returns in June with New Artist
Alterici will write the comic, with Rachel Deering lettering. In an EX-X-XCLUSIVE at THR, Alterici had this to say about Woods taking over: Ashley is superbly talented, her characters are alive and expressive, her worlds vivid and wondrous I am confident in her skills and her vision, and I am so pleased to have her as a[...]
Dark Horse Publishes Margaret Atwood's Second Comic, For The Secret Loves Of Geek Girls
Frey, Trina Robbins, Twiggy Tallant, Rachel Deering, Hope Nicholson, Crystal Skillman, Marguerite Bennett, Soraya Roberts, Emma Woolley, Gita Jackson, Renee Nejo, Natalie Zina Walschots, Alicia Contestabile, Tini Howard, Cara Ellison, Jessica Oliver Proulx and Erin Cossar. And there's a Toronto launch of the Kickstarter version of the comic at Page and Panel: The TCAF Store's Secret Loves of[...]
Impressive Art Experimentation For The Fox: Preview Fox Hunt #4 Out This Week
In this series written with Mark Waid, colored by Allen Passalaqua, and lettered by Rachel Deering, the Silver Age inspired hero, the Fox, takes on some of his deadliest foes, but it's all intensely psychological when it comes to one's own doom. Dark Circle describe this issue thus: The FOX has been punched, thrown, stabbed, crushed, shot[...]
Where In The World Is Sabrina, The Teenage Witch #2?
Despite being solicited, Rachel Deering is no longer working on the series. The Sabrina Facebook page is currently full to busting with people asking where the comic book is, with some pointing out, Warren Wise It's quite possible the delay has already killed Sabrina I know of two people at my LCS who have already dropped it[...]
Swag! HeroesCon Edition
I've just returned from Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend, one of the most comics creator-driven cons in the country, and my swag was such that I had to climb on a chair to take this aerial shot. So, we have the Skottie Young designed t-shirt for the con, a sticker for Heroes Aren't[...]
'Dark Stuff' Is All About Mood – Horror Comics With Ben Templesmith, Rafael Albuquerque, Rachel Deering, Matthew Roberts And Vanesa Del Rey At Heroes Con 2014
Adam Daughhetee moderated a panel featuring Ben Templesmith, Rafael Albuquerque, Rachel Deering, Matthew Roberts, and Vanesa Del Rey about their life and work. He started off by asking them, "What are your roots in horror, and what's drawn you to this genre?" Albuquerque, who is best known right now for his work with Scott Snyder on American[...]
Spotlight On ComiXology Submit – Zootrope, The Reservoir, Los Muertos
Reading The Reservoir is a substantial introduction to a world that's epic, mean, gritty, and very human, and it may well be the starting point of a Moth City journey for many readers. Los Muertos, written Fabian Rangel Jr., with art by Juan Romero and lettering by Rachel Deering, published by Believe in Comics I'm familiar with[...]
Amelia Cole and the Barnstorming Second Season: An Interview with Team Amelia
Knave and DJ Kirkbride, artist Nick Brokenshire, letterer Rachel Deering and flatter Ruiz Moreno about season 2 and their plans for season 3. BC: So, here we are at the end of season 2 When we last talked you were very motivated to let people know about the change in format How's that worked out? APK: Oh[...]
Interview: Rachel Deering Talks In the Dark, Crowdfunding and Horror
Alasdair Stuart writes; Rachel Deering wears a lot of hats She's part of the team who produce the Amelia Cole comics from Monkeybrain, has her own horror series, Anathema and is in the final stages of bringing In The Dark into land A huge horror anthology filled with some amazing creative talent, it's Kickstarter campaign finishes,[...]
A Horrorthology Kickstarter With Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore, Cullen Bunn, Tim Seeley, Tom Taylor, Marguerite Bennett, James Tynion, Valerie D'Orazio And More – Oh And Rachel Deering
Which also means you can get down and personal to a bunch of them when donating money. So who are they? Rachel Deering, Justin Jordan, Cullen Bunn, Paul Tobin, Duane Swierczynski, Tom Taylor, F Paul Wilson, Tim Seeley, Marguerite Bennett, Brian Keene, Christopher Sebela, Matthew Dow Smith, James Tynion IV, Sean E Williams, Michael Moreci & Steve[...]
Review: Amelia Cole and the Unknown World TPB
Which, conveniently, is also an excellent horror comic from Rachel Deering, who worked on Amelia Cole and the Unknown World which arrives in print from IDW this week. Segues They're not just for guided tours around Santa Cruz. Amelia Cole and the Unknown World follows Amelia, a female magician in her early '20s Amelia's smart, talented and,[...]
Five Things About Amelia Cole And The Hidden War
Meanwhile, Nick Brokenshire's once again shines, aided by the color work of Ruiz Moreno and Rachel Deering's endlessly adaptable lettering brings the whole thing together It's a brutal moment that caps off the first two issues and shows just how bad things are going to get Amelia may not be entirely sure why she's been[...]
Anathema, From One To Three Of Six
It's familiar and as a result, not especially horrific. Then, in the space of a few pages, Rachel Deering's script turns everything we know on its head The woman being burned isn't a witch, she's being punished for being in love with another woman, Mercy, who is watching, horrified, from the woods The Priest overseeing the[...]
Love, Death And Anathema: An Interview With Rachel Deering
Alasdair Stuart writes; I was introduced to Rachel Deering's work through Amelia Cole and the Unknown World (Amelia Cole and the Hidden War starting in May, folks!) I was impressed, because, as I've said more than once, the Amelia Cole team are amongst the most talented people working in comics today I was even more impressed[...]