Rafael Lanhellas

22 Page Preview Of Evil Ernie Vol 2 TPB

The series was written by Tim Seeley and his brother Steve Seeley with art by Rafael Lanhellas. Teen psychopath Evil Ernie is dead, resigned to Hell where he belongs But when reality is threatened by a force that even the Devil can't handle, Lucifer calls on the only weapon that can prevent total megadeath: Evil Ernie[...]

"Ernie Is Pure ID, He Does What He Wants…" – Tim Seeley Talks Evil Ernie

Can't beat that!BB: For the uninitiated, explain the Ernie/Smiley relationship.TS: Smiley sort of acts as Ernie’s guide, and the devil on his shoulder telling him to do bad things.BB: Tell us a tad about Carrion Jane.TS: She's another one of Mistress Hel's "lovers." She's essentially an "anti-Ernie."BB: Where in literature or other media can you[...]

Evil Ernie Is Back For Halloween

Dynamite is launching a new Evil Ernie series co-written by Chaos! architect Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) and his brother and fellow writer Steve Seeley, and feature interior artwork by talented artist Rafael Lanhellas."Steve and I first discovered Evil Ernie when the first issue (of the classic 1990s series) came out.  We were both teenagers, and our dad[...]