"Ernie Is Pure ID, He Does What He Wants…" – Tim Seeley Talks Evil Ernie

As Dynamite's relaunch of the Chaos Comics characters continues, Byron Brewer spoke with one of the driving forces behind the project, Tim Seeley who is now writing Evil Ernie with his brother Steve Seeley.

EvilErnieV2-01-01BYRON BREWER: Tim, as one of the main architects of the revival of the Chaos Universe, how successful would you say it has been?

Tim Seeley: I don't know actually! I'm so head down making stuff lately that I can't really tell. But I hope it's doing well…people come up to me at shows with books to sign all the time.

BB: Have you been enjoying writing the adventures of Evil Ernie? What does the character mean to you, and what is his importance to the rest of the Chaos U.?

TS: Yeah, it's a blast. It's a chance to cut lose and do something a little crazier and more twisted than some of my other projects and I get to work with my brother, which is a blast.

BB: What is it about Ernie that makes him a character you enjoy working with?


EvilErnieV2-01-02TS: Ernie is pure ID. He just DOES what he wants, which can be pretty liberating when writing. Plus, he's an undead super-slasher. Can't beat that!

BB: For the uninitiated, explain the Ernie/Smiley relationship.

TS: Smiley sort of acts as Ernie's guide, and the devil on his shoulder telling him to do bad things.

BB: Tell us a tad about Carrion Jane.

TS: She's another one of Mistress Hel's "lovers." She's essentially an "anti-Ernie."

BB: Where in literature or other media can you possibly get inspiration for the madness of Evil Ernie??

EvilErnieV2-01-03TS: Well, Ernie is pretty heavily inspired by slasher films, obviously, but I think, but there's also a lot of heavy metal and punk music in there too, though I'm not sure if that's considered literature.

BB:  Have you enjoyed the work of artist Rafael Lanhellas? Will we ever see some interiors by artist Tim Seeley? (Beautiful covers!)

TS: Ha, I think I'll leave that to Rafael. I'm too busy!

BB: So what is ahead for Ernie in the Chaos U.?

TS: Ernie is on the hunt for the other lovers of Mistress Hel, trying to stop them from building her army! So, expect lots of gory, mad battles galore!

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