CROM and Daniel Freedman's Raiders Comes to Dark Horse Next June

CROM and Daniel Freedman's Raiders Comes to Dark Horse Next June

A dungeon crawl in comic book form, Raiders stars brothers Marken and Maron who want to give up dungeon raiding but get sucked back in Check out the press release below for details: MILWAUKIE, Ore (November 8, 2019) — From Daniel Freedman (Undying Love) and CROM (Birdking), comes an original graphic novel about family, freedom, and[...]

Twitch Prime Celebrates Prime Day With Giveaways & Tournaments

Twitch Announces Partnership With The Raiders & Allegiant Stadium

This morning, Twitch announced they had formed a brand new partnership with the Oakland Raiders and their future Las Vegas home of Allegiant Stadium According to the announcement, the partnership will include a Twitch-branded lounge in the lower level of the stadium and will feature interactive elements like streamer stations, Twitch viewing screens, esports competitions,[...]

Marion Ravenwood's 'Raiders' Hangover Cure Finally Revealed

This happened recently with an Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark longstanding question that needed to be answered.Mainly: what the hell is it that Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) holds up to her temples after winning the drinking contest?Ian McCamey recently asked this question out loud on Twitter, and thankfully instead of the usual bout of[...]

CBS Football Ratings Rise Amid Kneeling Controversy

11.4/23 in 2016 in the metered markets.Why was the day games up but the night game down? Could be a few reasons such as folks were tired of the politic bent by the evening, The Raiders vs Redskins game this week wasn't as popular as the Falcons vs Packers last week Or it could be[...]