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Ramon Villalobos Crying Wolf Over Bad Idea Comics Closure?
This was only bolstered by the reaction from Bad Idea comic book creator Ramon Villalobos who replied to the news saying "In case all my former editors wondered why I sent them those very polite/groveling emails recently…" He also tweeted a video about Bad Idea Comics, in which Ramon Villalobos apologised to the industry for[...]
John Paul Leon's Family Issue Statement and Fundraiser In His Memory
Donators in the last few hours have included Tom Mason, Walter Simonson, Jim Lee, Micheline Pitt, Rey Armenteros, Chris Ferguson, Kelley Jones, Dave Johnson, Jimmy Palmiotti, Ford Gilmore, Don Cameron, Dennis Calero, David Hahn, George Pratt, Bryan O'Malley, Daniel Zalkus, Dustin Nguyen, Sam Humphries, David Brittingham, Schannan E Rose, David Harper, Paul Reinwand, Jeff Parker,[...]
Ramon Villalobos Denies Bad Idea Comics Artwork Is His
Last night, as part of their Button-based promotion, Bad Idea Comics released a page of artwork purporting to be by Ramon Villalobos to commemorate people having clicked The Button eighty million times Villalobos has drawn a lot for Valiant, but also Age of Ultron, Original Sins, Secret Wars, Nighthawk although his WildCATS series was cancelled[...]
Border Town #1 cover by Ramon Villalobos and Tamra Bonvillain
Worse yet, something dark and supernatural is taking place in Devil's Fork, and it's tearing its way through the town. Border Town #1 cover by Ramon Villalobos and Tamra Bonvillain Border Town #1 is friggin' awesome Its characters, premise, and themes all coincide to create a compelling first issue that pulls the reader into its brutal world. The[...]
Oni's Odd Schnozz And The Odd Squad Leaps Off The Page & Into Your Ears
Oni Press has an exciting new release to announce entitled, Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad, written by Jeffrey Burandt, with art by Dennis Culver and colors by Ramon Villalobos Digital chapters of the comics will release in six parts on ComiXology, and will begin the scheduled release on May 12th They will continue every[...]
Exit Generation – The Pacific Rim of Comics
Ramon Villalobos' cover wraps everything up with exactly the sort of impact it needs and Adam P Knave's editorial work is the best kind; an invisible structure that allows the book to grow on its own strengths and terms. Exit Generation is a massively ambitious undertaking and more importantly, a completely successful one This is high[...]
Ramon Villalobos Draws The New DCU
But Ramon Villalobos is a deviantART artist taking commissions instead And now he's looking at the new DC Relaunch for inspiration. Someone's going to snap him up… His style could be compared to the likes of Chris Burnham or Frank Quitely But Ramon Villalobos is a deviantART artist taking commissions instead And now he's[...]