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Transformers Shattered Glass Optimus and Ratchet Unveiled from Hasbro
Optimus Prime and Ratchet are ready to destroy the world with this amazing comic deco with a purple Autobot logo Shattered Glass Optimus Prime will come with his signature blaster, Evil Matrix of Leadership, and will transform into his purple deco truck in 31 steps The evil medic Ratchet will also come with his blaster[...]
Gaming Icons Light The Way With The Latest Set Of Pixel Pals
The latest batch we received for review is a set of video game characters from God Of War, Ratchet & Clank, and Mortal Kombat. Much like the previous designs, all of them run on two AAA batteries loaded through an easy-to-remove compartment They come with a small on/off switch at the top so you can conserve battery[...]