Gaming Icons Light The Way With The Latest Set Of Pixel Pals

The Pixel Pals line from PDP has been making some really cool designs over the past year, all of which will rekindle your love for cartoons and video games as they turn your precious icons into night lights. The latest batch we received for review is a set of video game characters from God Of War, Ratchet & Clank, and Mortal Kombat.

Much like the previous designs, all of them run on two AAA batteries loaded through an easy-to-remove compartment. They come with a small on/off switch at the top so you can conserve battery power when it isn't in use. You also have the ability to buy USB battery packs to put inside these from PDP directly, but they don't allow you to use the door to close it when you're done.

Starting with the Mortal Kombat character, the designs are super old-school, going all the way back to MK1 and MK2. Scorpion clearly has his face intact with black gloves and a yellow ninja suit. There isn't much to complain about this design, though the eyes do make him seem a little more cartoonish than some of the others. One look at it and you know this is Scorpion, and that's really the most important thing to the design.

Consequently, while the Sub-Zero design looks exactly like Scorpion, they added the detail of giving him blue eyes and made them a different shading from his outfit to make them stand out. A chilling reminder that he works with all matters of ice and snow. Again, one look and you know exactly who you're putting on the desk, so it works well.

Moving into the more detailed territory, we have Kratos who has got all sorts of color mixture going on to define his garb as well as the red mark across his face. They even threw in some extra variations of brown into his beard and made sure the ash-white skin was the proper color. This is a lovely look for the character in 8-bit form and they did an awesome job recreating him.

Ratchet is the same way as they've thrown in various shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown to make sure his Lombax features stand out. Along with his engineering gear that is done down to the necklace around his neck and the boots he wears. And let's not leave out the tail, added in just as a P.S. where they could have easily left it out but chose not to. This is a great figure that will make fans of the series purchase it in a heartbeat.

Overall, this set of figures is pretty good. The Mortal Kombat figures seem to be the lesser of the four, but that mainly has to do with the idea that it's the same design copied into two different colors. The other two, however, are truly fun and original designs that are well worth the money for lifelong fans.

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