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Rebellion Unplugged Is Bringing Back The Judge Dredd Board Game
Rebellion Unplugged along with 2000 AD will be re-releasing Judge Dredd: The Game of Crime Fighting in Mega-City One The game is being brought back to its former glory after 40 years with the help of its original designer, Sir Ian Livingstone, as they will not only reintroduce it to a new audience but add[...]
Sniper Elite Will Become A Tabletop Game Next Month
Rebellion Unplugged, the tabletop wing of Rebellion Developments, revealed they will release a Sniper Elite board game next month Simply being called Sniper Elite: The Board Game, this title will have you and up to three more players facing off in a stealth action board game in which one of you will be the expert[...]
TTRPG Dread Is Getting A Special Judge Dredd Version
Rebellion Unplugged revealed this week they will be releasing a special edition of the Dread TTRPG that centers around the character Judge Dredd The book will be called Dread: Dredd, and will take the same mechanics and principles from the game with an entirely new setting as you'll be thrown into Mega-City One This version[...]
Rebellion Unveils New Board Game Division: Rebellion Unplugged
Some cool news from video game developer Rebellion as they have launched a new board game division called Rebellion Unplugged The company will essentially be making board game versions of video game titles, starting with Sniper Elite: The Board Game Several more titles are apparently in the works, but you can try this one out[...]