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"Space Battle Lunchtime" Being Adapted to a Card Game!
Get ready, people of Earth, because the graphic novel Space Battle Lunchtime is being adapted in the form of a new card game! Source: Renegade Games Based on an Oni Press graphic novel of the same name by Natalie Riess, Space Battle Lunchtime follows a similar plot to the graphic novel Players will compete in an intergalactic television[...]
Saving Patients As Best We Can In The Future With 'Flatline'
Which made getting my friends together to play Flatline by Renegade Games the perfect fit for a review (Special thanks to Doug, Sara, Allison, Josie, and Mike for their help in this review as we played it at The Watchtower Cafe in Salt Lake City.) Flatline is a cooperative dice game that puts you and your friends[...]