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A look at Chris Rock in Fargo Installment 4 (Image: FX Networks)
Rock ended his questionable attempt to establish some kind of (false) equivalency with, "Yes, we can blame Trump, but he's really the five-year-old." for the actor/comedian, the current political system is just two sides of the same coin: essentially, "fake news" that does not contribute to the betterment of society as 2010's Grown Ups did:[...]
Digital Delights – Zombies Eat Republicans In HTML5
And this just seals the deal." ZombieDelight: Hype Comics launch Zombies Eat Republicans in HTML5 format below… Zombies Eat Republicans was developed by Scott Ownbey to maximize the hype surrounding the zombies and the presidential election basing the story around both fictional and real characters The central character Mike Scott is a fictional republican press secretary for[...]