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DC Announces Two New Retailer Roadshows For March, One In Orlando, One In Seattle

DC Entertainment are running two more retailer roadshows, where the execs turn up and talk turkey with local retailers And we have two in March, one in Orlando, the other in Seattle And more to come in subsequent months...The first is the MegaCon Retailer Roadshow at Orange County Convention Center on Thursday 20th, with Dan[...]

Justice League 3000, Green Lantern Lights Out – Monday Trending Topics

Lots of interesting stuff emerging from the DC retailer roadshow meetings. Most-Read TV/Film Stories Monday: More On Those Missing Doctor Who Episodes.. Or Less  Today I feel I have entered into, however briefly, a Doctor Who cabal made up of superfans, Doctor Who writers past and present, producers, managers and executive types And then been kicked to the[...]

Superman Unchained #1 3D Variant – Look For Yours On eBay (VIDEO UPDATE)

[youtube][/youtube]This is the Superman Unchained #1 3D cover using DC's new proprietary process, being handed to retailers who attend the DC Retailer Roadshows over the next few days.Although I'm told that a couple of attendees at today's Roadshow weren't actually retailers and were just there to grab this comic to flip on eBay..[...]

DC Fixes Print Run On September's Villain Month Due To 3D Covers

Straight from the DC Retailer Roadshow...The event held today, with around a hundred retailers present, showed off upcoming DC Comics work But the focus was on the 3D covers for September's Villain's Month, in person.All retailers should have received (or will be receiving) a copy of the new technology 3D cover for Superman Unchained[...]

DC Comics Brings Back The Retailer Roadshows

Before the launch of the DC New 52, DC Comics ran a series of roadshows around the company, to talk to retailers about the upcoming reboot. And… it seems as if they are doing at again. Here is where – and when – they'll be held. • Monday, June 17 – New York • Thursday, […]

DC Retail Roadshow To Visit San Diego Comic Con… And Then The UK

The DC Retailer Roadshow that Bleeding Cool has diligently reported on, from LA, Dallas, Baltimore, New York and Chicago has two new spots on its schedule.First, the San Diego Comic Con, part of the retailer programming on Friday July 22nd 11.30am in Room 18 - and why not stay for the Diamond retailer's lunch afterwards?But[...]

DC Relaunch Sampler Comics In July – The DC Retailer Roadshow In Chicago

L E Becker, owner of WARP 9 Comics reports on the DC Retailer Roadshow, held yesterday in Rosemont, Chicago He writes for Bleeding Cool;I just came back from the DC Chicago road trip and wanted to share a few tidbits before I retire for the evening (a classy way of saying I'm going to sleep)...Dan[...]