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Richard Corben's Shadows On The Grave #7 Review: Old-Fashioned Horror Pulp

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Richard Corben's anthology of horror tales and suspenseful stories continue in Shadows on the Grave #7. First, we have a pair of nephews seeking the fortune of their sick uncle in "Legacy of Hate." Then, we have the story of a pair of cousins who own and work a graveyard in "Digger." Following […]

Shadows On The Grave #6 Review: Unnerving, Macabre Fun

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The legendary Richard Corben has brought a horror anthology series to Dark Horse Comics with Shadows on the Grave. It's a miniseries of skin-crawling stories very reminiscent of Tales from the Crypt, complete with ironic cosmic punishments being meted out to mortals and a narrator character with a chatty personality. I'll admit, I […]

Richard Corben Self Censors His Rat God?

A few noticed some minor changes in the recent Dark Horse collection of Richard Corben's Rat God out this month and from issue 2 of the series as published back in March. But what was the origin? Ironically, Bleeding Cool is censored in what it can and cannot show. But the level of censorship changes from one version […]

When Comic Creators Draw Album Covers – The Exhibition

Richard Corben did the cover to Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell, Jaime Hewlett naturally did the covers to the Gorillaz albums, as well as Cud and Senseless Things before it. To Becky Cloonan's brand new cover for Clutch's next LP. They're all part of a new exhibition of comic book creators' work on album covers curated by Sean Phillips, […]

Dreaming Of Horrible Things – Preview Corben's Rat God #2 From Dark Horse

Rat God is a series fully created by Richard Corben, not as an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft, but as a series inspired by the bits of Lovecraft's mythology that most inspired him and made him want to render those things visually. So, in other words, Rat God is one of the creepiest comics you'll find […]

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Stan Lee Nominated For 2016 Angoulême Festival President

The list for the Angoulême Grand Prix has been published. Voted on by the Academy, the winner of the most prestigious ward in comic books is names the President of the next festival. This year it was won by Bill Watterson, after Alan Moore declined the honour. Nevertheless, he is nominated again, as well as for the first […]

Just In Time For Halloween – It's The Creepy And Eerie Digital Sale From Dark Horse

By Tim Grimm Just in time for Halloween, Dark Horse is having a digital sale on their Creepy and Eerie titles, including their Eisner Award-winning Creepy Archives and Eerie Archives. The Creepy Archives MegaBundle includes volumes 1-19. Metaphorically weighing in at a hefty 5,213 pages and featuring the work of such comics luminaries as Archie Goodwin, […]

Boycott Threatens To Disrupt Angoulême Grand Prix

The Grand Prix at Angoulême is the highest acclaim any comic book creator can receive in comics. Voted on by the Grand Prix Academy made up of acclaimed French comic book creators, the winner will become a member of the Academy and the president of next year's Angoulême festival. Presented to authors whose work is […]

Cammy's Covers – Astonishing X-Men To Avengers Arena

Cameron Hatheway writes; Astonishing X-Men #62 by Phil Noto You're as cold as ice, willing to sacrifice your…looks? With all these younger versions of themselves bouncing around, it was only a matter of time before we started getting covers like this one. However this being Noto, it's going to make for a damn good compare/contrast. […]