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Robert Zemeckis Blames Death Of Roger Rabbit Sequel On Regime Change At Disney

Expanding on his short, sharp naysaying on the Flight red carpet, Robert Zemeckis has told Empire's podcast crew that regime changes at Disney are to blame for the death of Roger Rabbit. There's been a lot of changes at Disney Studio I don't think it's on the cards, I don't think it's going to happen... Zemeckis wouldn't say anything about[...]

Roger Rabbit Sequel Seems To Be Coming Along Nicely

It's a right cracker, apparently - tense, surprising, exciting, dramatic.After the New York screening, Zemeckis had a few words with Showbiz 411's Roger Friedman, and some of them were not to do with Flight at all, but his planned sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit.Friedman says: Zemeckis told me last night that, although he’s sad about[...]

Test Footage From One Roger Rabbit Sequel, News Of Another

Robert Zemeckis has been slow-brewing a second Roger Rabbit picture for some time now, and Disney have been wanting one for even longer There's been a lot of time and energy spent on development over the years, and I'm certainly emotionally invested enough to want to see it all pay off.Well, as long as we[...]