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Roland Boschi Draws Rick Remender's Scumbag For 'GoldenBrownEye'
With Roland Boschi drawing the new story arc. "GOLDENBROWNEYE" The world is caught in an all-out war between Scorpionus and Moonflower as the two enact their plans to force their versions of utopia on us all! Our hope for liberation is a drug addled, metalhead pervert and his flying Trans Am–Agent Scumbag! Quit being a jerk[...]
He is found by enemies of the Nova Corps, and they try to turn him on their perceived enemies, including the Nova Corps. It's a pretty heavy comic. All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #11 art by Roland Boschi and Daniel Brown Richard Rider is such a great character, and I was disappointed with his presence in the last[...]
Roland Boschi To Join Warren Ellis On Karnak For Marvel Comics
Right now, issue #2 should ship in February and will hopefully come out more regularly beyond that." One of the ways that will be achieved is by replacing Gerardo with Roland Boschi on the previously-solicited issues #3 for the 20th of April and #4 for the 18th of May Boschi is best known for his work on Wolverine MAX, Ghost Rider[...]
New Winter Soldier Mini-Series Just In Time For The Captain America Sequel
sends in secret agents Nick Fury and Ran Shen to collect the scientists, but the Soviets have plans for them, too, opening the "Red Room" and unleashing their own version of Captain America, the enigmatic Winter Soldier. The creative team for the book is going to be Rick Remender and Roland Boschi. "It sets up future events[...]