Roland Boschi To Join Warren Ellis On Karnak For Marvel Comics

STK693575Karnak, the All-New All-Different Marvel Comics title written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Gerardo Zaffino has been rather late, with just one issue published. Marvel EIC Axel Alonso told CBR,

"There were some unforeseen complications in Gerardo's life…. But we're committed to continuing the book and everyone is working hard to get the next issue out for fans as quickly as possible. Our creators have lives outside of comics, and sometimes those lives have difficulties that can get in the way of writing or drawing. Right now, issue #2 should ship in February and will hopefully come out more regularly beyond that."

One of the ways that will be achieved is by replacing Gerardo with Roland Boschi on the previously-solicited issues #3 for the 20th of April and #4 for the 18th of May. Boschi is best known for his work on Wolverine MAX, Ghost Rider and Winter Soldier. The second issue by Ellis and Xaffin is currently scheduled for the 17th February.

In his last mailing list, Ellis said he was currently working on issue 5.


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